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Is there a liquid form of antibiotic?

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I'm taking my cat in to test for UTI tomorrow. If it turns out to be UTI, is there a liquid form of antibiotic that can be mixed into canned cat food? I can't imagine trying to get him to take a pill. I'm not even sure if he has UTI but just wanted to know ahead of time so I can ask for a liquid if that exists.
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some meds come in liquid others can be compounded into a liquid.. the later can be spendy...Kandies med in a pill was 10 $ the compounded was 45$
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I think I'd spend the extra money to get it in a form that he hopefully would take. Our cat is pretty picky. I'd hope it wouldn't flavor the food to taste bad though.

How do you get a cat to take a pill?
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It's actually much easier for me to give my cat pills. I wrap them in a little cheese or lunch meat and he gobbles them up. Some cats aren't fooled by this, however.

As far as the liquids go, some vets will add flavorings to them.. no idea if this fools most cats or not. My rats got meds flavored for cats once and they fought over who got to take it they loved it so much..
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I wish ours would eat some people food just for this purpose. We've tried putting people food in his dish before and he looks at us like we're crazy. Sometimes he'll paw it back out of the dish and bat it around on the floor for a while and then walk away. So, we'd never be able to hide it in cheese or lunch meat. I hope he doesn't even have a UTI but if he does, I'll ask for the liquid stuff.
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Some of the liquid forms, like Clavamox in liquid, smell sweet so your kitty might notice them in canned food.
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I had to get one of my dog's teeth out the other day and they gave me a liquid antibiotic (Clindamycin) to give her with an eyedropper. Apparently it tastes pretty bad because my dog fights with me when I try to give it to her. The vet also advised me not to put it on food because dogs wouldn't eat their food if you did. I'm pretty sure a cat wouldn't either unless it had a yummy flavoring added to it. To me, my cat is more picky than my two dogs are so I would probably rather give her a pill. I don't know how cooperative she would be with me putting an eyedropper in the corner of her mouth.
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Clindamycin is a very bitter, awful medicine. I hate trying to give it, but thankfully, the vets around here usually only use it for dental issues. For UTIs, the vets here prefer Clavamox(liquid or pills), Baytril(pills), or Orbax(pills).
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I use Pill Pockets. Best thing since sliced bread.
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Originally Posted by snosrap5 View Post
I use Pill Pockets. Best thing since sliced bread.
I second this. Mine won't eat the PPs straight but I make them as small as possible and stick them in their wet food and they gooble it up without even noticing.
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Lola has been on antibiotics nearly forever for her UTI. First we started out with two weeks of Zeniquin (1 pill a day), re-check showed 4+ cocci in her urine, so we switched to two weeks of Clavamox liquid (1 cc, twice a day), re-check showed 1+ cocci in her urine. Now she's on 3 weeks of Amoxicillin (1 pill a day.) I'd much rather give her a pill than that horrible banana flavored Clavamox liquid. She'd get it in her mouth and then shake her head...flinging sticky white banana flavored goo everywhere. My vet didn't recommend mixing it in food, just using the dropper and putting it in her mouth. Since it needs to be refrigerated, Lola caught on VERY quickly to run and hide when Meowmy opened the refrigerator. Pills, on the other hand, are very easy for me to give a cat. Cleo gets pills daily for the last 5 years (she's a breeze to pill) and Lola really isn't too bad either!

Good luck!
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Well its a fun business giving meds to cats. They are smart
and as mentioned the meds do not taste to good. They catch
on real quick, open Refrigerator its meds, run for the hills.
Go after them looking like your going to get them for something, they hide under the dining room chairs..
Advise given such as chesse (mine likes x sharp cheddar small
balls, or pocket pills or mine even will take sometimes Uri Ease/treat looking
things or any cat soft treat you can put in middle.
But most of time, I just take cat by holding upside down and putting way back in her side of mouth and say swallow. If spits up pill ,sometimes happens I repeat. I always win. If pills, I always have a bit of water
in syringe and squirt that in afterwards. You want to make sure
it goes down and does not stick in throat. If liquid I just squirt in very back
side of mouth and hope we dont loose too much. Again, I have another
syringe ready with a bit of water afterwards. Also, try to reward them with
a treat they do like afterwards or brushing if they like. Saying good girl
... good boy..... I did purchase the special pill popper thingy, but have
not a needed yet to try it, so can't comment on how those work yet.
I would not try to put meds. in food, I dont think that would ever work.
Might work for some dogs, but not cats.
If Uti, I do sugesst getting the antiobotic shot at vets, with meds to go home,
the shots work so much faster then the home meds. If your cat is suffering,
better to get faster treatment. Meds. at home alone you will not see
any improvement for about 3 long days.
Oh, and also wanted to mention if you are a timed feeder make sure
kitty has something in tummy before meds. When I had to pill the
a med. and the cat had mostly empty stomach with 10 mins. after pilling
big throw up and boy that is nasty! So warning, make sure they had
some food in stomach, if I applied this reasoning, no throw up.
Hope that helps and your kitty cooperates, but the longer the treatment
the more fun it is.
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Thanks for all the feedback. I dropped Frankie off at the vets on my way to work and they are going to call me when they get the results. If it's UTI, I definately will ask if they will give him a shot of antibiotics to get a good dose started. From what I've read here, I see that you're all in agreement that putting it in food doesn't work. I'm used to having dogs in the past and they've always begged for their pills when they needed to be on them cuz I wrapped them in stinky liversausage. That won't work for our picky cat. Well, just sitting here waiting for the phone to ring.
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The vet called and he has some crystals in his urine and his Ph is a 6 1/2 and should be more like a 6. No infection so we don't have to worry about getting antibiotics into him. I'm so glad we don't have to do that. She said we caught it in time that it's not too bad and she agreed that that's why he peed on the bed. She's going to put him on a prescription diet "RD" for a couple months and then she wants me to bring him back in to do another urinalysis.
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RD is a wt management diet ... read and discuss before trying
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Glad it's not an infection, but if you ever do need to give him antibiotics, my vet gives me something called Clintabs that I can crush up and mix with his food. I mix it in a tiny bit of food, and what he doesn't eat out of the dish, I feed him on my finger. It was trial and error to figure this out, but it's totally reduced the stress for both of us. Especially since I've had to give these to him for the past 14 days, and a week before that.
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Originally Posted by peeps View Post
I'm taking my cat in to test for UTI tomorrow. If it turns out to be UTI, is there a liquid form of antibiotic that can be mixed into canned cat food? I can't imagine trying to get him to take a pill. I'm not even sure if he has UTI but just wanted to know ahead of time so I can ask for a liquid if that exists.
My kitty, GiGi was bitten by a snake a couple of weeks ago, the vet gave her a shot of antibiotic, and sent home some liquid, that pink stuff. It was a small bottle w/dropper. After she would eat, I would come up from behind and put the dropper right in the corner of her mouth, she would then open her mouth and I squirted it in! She then would jump straight up in the air, shake her head, and turn around and look at me! Smacking on the med.
she did really well actually! It must not of tasted too bad, she would have fought harder as time went by, but she didn't! I would never put it in her food because they can smell it and won't eat it , therefore not doing any good!
Good luck, I hope your babe has a great report!
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Personally, my cat had no issues with the liquid Amoxi and anti-vomit or the powdered panacur he was on when I put it in food... the first couple days I was hand-feeding him, but he adjusted fine... I really had very few options because he would fight so hard when I tried to get it in with the syringe... pills on the other hand... he won't eat a pill pocket or eat it in a bit of food and it was a battle I lost... the vet even tried and she couldn't pill him.
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Lucy spoiled me by being so easy to pill (I swear, this cat swallows anything you put in her mouth...I don't even have to try to get it near the back of her tongue!). However, Ms. New Kitty is not into falling for that stuff. She made me revert to my old "tricks"...a little bit of American cheese smushed around the pill makes the Clavamox go down so much easier. She's not eating on her own, for the most part, so she's got to be *pilled* to ensure the meds get down. I don't even eat American cheese, so it was pretty random that I even had any in my fridge, but it has always worked like a charm. Pill pockets work on a lot of cats...Lucy would probably think she was in heaven if I gave her something in a pill pocket. Several of my former cats would have fallen for it, but some cats don't go for it. A little bit of *something* delicious and yummy helps the pill go down a little better. For dogs, peanut butter is almost always a sure thing. Cats can be tricky, but American cheese tends to "squish" well, and it's never failed me.

You can always just cram the pill way down, but I find the American cheese is at least a little less stressful. If they happen to bite down on it, they're biting the cheese, and the next instinct seems to be to swallow it (and the pill). If I was dealing with a cat that was particularly difficult, I'd just resort to piilling it in the traditional manner.
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
RD is a wt management diet ... read and discuss before trying
My vet intentionally gave him a wt. management diet cuz he could stand to lose a pound or two. We're almost positive that he's part Maine Coon so we didn't think much about how fast he was gaining weight cuz and with the long hair it's hard to tell. He doesn't look overweight but our vet said he's not bad but that going from 13.8 pounds to 14.4 pounds from June till now is a little fast for gaining and she thought a couple months on RD would be good for him.

Thanks for all the feedback on giving meds. I'll keep them in mind if I ever have to do that.
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