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Son held elderly mother's cat for ransom

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He was mad that his mom kicked him out of the house because she said he abused her so he held her beloved cat ransom and collected about $20,000 in checks from her! How awful is that!? That man needs to be slapped.
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How dare the son hold his own mothers cat ransom!

That kid needs an attitude adjustment or something... Jeesh!
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The son was smart, wasn't he, he knew the value of a cat!!!!
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Tsk Tsk.. What are wrong with people today...

I can't say I wouldn't pay the $$ for my cats..
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That is horrible!!! He needs a swift kick in his a**!!
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Man what a sick

I sincerely hope that they prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. I don't understand how anyone could be that unbearably cruel...both to the mother and to the cat.
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That's horrible!! How could a son do that to his mother? Arghhh, he needs a lesson.
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I know what he needs, and it isn't just a slap on the wrist either!!
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holy crap, I didn't even see that, that's where i live!!!
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What is this world coming to?
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so what happened? did he harm the cat? did he take the money and run?
did they catch him immediately? I could go to the link and see but...
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