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Bruce & Sheila at 7.5 months

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Our Maine Coon kittens are growing up fast!

Attachment 12576

Bruce watching TV
Attachment 12577

Bruce looking scary (I think it was just a yawn!)
Attachment 12578

Sheila on the cat tree
Attachment 12580

Sheila just chilling
Attachment 12581

Sheila hunting for flies
Attachment 12579

Bruce and Sheila together
Attachment 12582

Hope you like!
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Oh my goodness! Bruce is a handsome guy but Sheila is STUNNING!! Gorgeous kitties, I love maine coons!
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What a pair of gorgeous kitties you have!
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Thanks for sharing photos of your two cats! They are adorable! We have always loved Maine Coons too, so seeing your two cute cats is a treat!

Keep on posting photos!! Can't wait to see more!
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They are soo adorable!!!!!!!!
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What a gorgeous pair of babies you have I love it when they watch t.v.
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Awww look at those gorgeus babies .... they have certainly grown a lot .... and to think they still have so much to grow .... they are going to be big Main Coon love muffins
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Maine Coon love muffins

They sure are gorgeous cats. Sheila knows how to work it for the camera!
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they are just gorgeous! the pic of them together is so cute
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gorgeous! They're growing up so fast...
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soo cute!
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Oh! They're gorgeous!
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OH! They are STUNNING!
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Boy, those are some beautiful kitties!
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