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I made a cat bed!!!

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Ok so when we first got Mellow we didnt buy anykind of bed for him, becuase generally if you spend lots of money on your kitty they just snub your gift to them, so I gave him my husbands fleecy blanket, Mellow loved sleeping on it.

Last week my husband decided he wanted his blanket back, (we normally cover our feet while watching TV with blankets)

so I washed it gave it back to him and gave Mellow a towel instead, which he loved sleeping on just as much!

So I was still feeling guilty about taking the nice soft blanket away from him (even though he was happy with the towel) when my friend and I were wondering around Walmart, our walmart has quite a big fabric selection, and they had all this cute material, including fleece, so I said to my friend ooooooohhhh I could buy a bit of that for Mellow, but her being the crafty person that she is (sewing is her thing, paper crafts is mine) suggested we look at the patterns and that she could sew him something...

Well we flicked through and she found a no sew one that I could make, we didn't buy the pattern because she could figure out what to do...

Well here it is Mellows new bed!

We used one yard of fleece which cost $5.74 and one pillow for $4.00, we cut the fleece in half, we cut a fringe around the fleece, we used pins to measure where to cut to , then we tied each bit of fringe together in double knots, and its so cute, it looks just like little bow ties.
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Awwww....cute bed...cuter cat
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Your cat bed is cute! Mellow is already enjoying it - thats awesome!

We are always looking for easy ways to make cat items like you did without a sewing machine. This is great idea! We are totally going to try this!

And it wasn't even expensive! Thanks for the idea! Looks like fun

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It would have been cheaper if they hadn't sold out of the $2.49 pillows
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Sorry, I can't see any bed. All I see is one contented sleeping kitty.
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What a great idea and your kitty definitely seems to be loving it. The perfect sleeping place for the King of the house
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Awww...Mellow loves his new bed!
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Mellow seems to really like the bed..

Aren't you creative!!!! I'm not that creative.. Trust me, my little girl has this pillow called the squishy pillow because it doesn't have much stuffing in it.. She really loves it,, but it's a sad sad pillow.
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What a cute little bed!! Very cool, much cooler than my fleece blanket in a box type bed
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Awww...he looks like he loves his new bed!
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Awwwwwwww he looks so comfy on it as well
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