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A normal day for Little Kitty!

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I got bored and took alot of pictures and I decided it would be a good idea to post them ... So here is an average day with Little Kitty!

The flowers dad got you sure are pretty mom! I am just rearranging them! Good morning!

Im hungry mom! Is it time for breakfast?


Pretty please!?

Breakfast was good! These guys look like fun to play with!

How do I get in there?

I do this often. . . I really like to stare!

I dont know why I look so scared Momma, but look how pretty the color of my eyes are! I am so glad we cleared up that infection!

Okay momma, its been a long day. i am gonna curl up right here, and wait for you to take me to bed! I love you!
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Sweet pics
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Aww your cat is so adorable! Thanks for sharing photos of your cat

Keep on taking photos! Can't wait to see more!
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Awww! I love the fish tank ones: live kitty TV!
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Kitty T.v is right. My family says she looks like a rat because she is so little. nothing really to compare her to other than the fish in the tank. but she is the longes, flatest cat I have ever seen in my life!
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Awwwwwwww she is precious I love her please and pretty please stance awwwwww.
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OK now its not a good idea for meowmys boy, Garfield, to know this but my dream kitty is white with one blue and one green eye!!!
What a beautiful fuzzy you have!!!!
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Look at those big eyes!
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Look at those big eyes!
I tell her she is an alien all the time! lol Even my vet was taken by how large her eyes are for her head! lol She is so funny!
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What a gorgeous little girl she is
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Wow that cat has the biggest eyes I have ever seen. Very cute!
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She's tiny! What a sweet little munchkin, how can you stand her cuteness??

I have a huge soft spot for odd-eyed cats.
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