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My baby is shedding tremedously. More so than ever. She has short hair, but if flies off of her and straight onto my clothing, up my nose you know the drill :laughing:

I brush her often and it takes forever, so much hair comes off of her.

How long does the shedding season last? Is it all through Summer? Is there anything else that I could do to control it a little more besides brushing? :confused3:

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LOL I cant say the shedding with some of them ever stops. Because mine are indoors all the time, they seem to shed all year round. More so during the hot spring and summer months. I would go to a walmart,kmart or target. Go to the car washing department and get a chamois(sp?). You know the soft yellowish suede thing to dry the cars. You just run it over them and it picks up a mess of loose hairs and only takes seconds.
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I have never heard of it! I will go and look for it.

It kills me the most when I am eating my lunch here at work and I look down and there is a Lily hair in my food, and it gets all over my car seats and she doesn't ride in the car. It travels far to be with me :laughing2

Thanks for the advice I will try it out.
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your post made me laugh! I'm the same way, I find cat hair places my cat has never been. It's always all over me.

here is my dilemma,

as my kitties are just now coming out of thier shells and are still very shy, they won't let me brush them yet. they freak out when I try. I like the shammy idea Donna. I will try it. anyone else have any suggestions? it's to the point where I pet them & huge balls of fuzz come off.

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Donna???? It was my suggestion thank you very much..LOL

Cat hairs are condiments in my house!!!
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I like that... condiments... I'm gonna start using that one :laughing2

AP, I'm glad I'm not the only one at a loss to this problem.
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Sometimes I truely don't know if I'm coming or going.

Thank you for the suggestion!
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Uh Sandie?

I didn't say a word. Besides, that little quote came from Peg, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! Why don't you go clean or something, you're getting cranky!
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I guess your eyes arent working. Someone thought you posted the reply about the chamois Hence the Donna?? LOL is laugh out loud which does not mean I am cranky and I never said I came up with the catchy phrase, I said we say it here at the house.
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Well I brush my cat every day! She also has a shedding problem! But it is not as bad now as it was when I just her! Oh I also keep a lent remover with me to get the hair off clothes, furnature, inside the car, etc.!!! It works great!
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My 7-year old cat has been shedding since I first got him at the shelter. As we were sitting in the "counseling" room with him and the animal person, the room was slowly filling up with hair everywhere. I was okay with it because I had a dog that was exactly the same way. The groomer used to call me at home a say that they needed another hour because he was still being brushed!!

Nigel (my cat) sheds 24/7. It isn't just shedding, it's like his fur is falling off as he breaths. When I brush him, the brush (a wire one) fills up until there is more hair that the length of the bristles. Then I brush again, and agian, and agian. After about 4 times, he's had enough, and my wrist hurts, but there is no less fur. Somestimes, if I haven't brushed him in a few days, after I do, he actually looks thinner!! Luckily, he loves to be brushed. When I show him the brush, he comes running.

I have sticky rollers in my car, in the kitchen, and a paint roller size one in the bedroom to roll the comforter. Sometimes, he gets rolled, too, and loves it, but I have to stop after 7 sheets, because he has so much loose fur. I've asked the vet about those sprays and food drops that get them to shed less, but he says to be careful with anything that can disrupt the natural process.

My little cat (T.C.) does shed when you brush her or pet her, but leaves clumps of fur all over the house, especially when the two of them are tussling. She likes to chase her tail around the scratching post, and there are huge clumps of fur up, down, and on the base of the post.

So I have a fur flier, and a fur clumper. Either way, I couldn't live without the rollers.
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There's an expression:

"No outfit is complete without cathair"

Too cute!
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