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I thought I'd post a thread about how our cats sleep with us.

I've told my Steven a 100x that we need a king size bed to fit both of us, plus the two cats.. They are such hogs in the bed...

Chessy has started a new thing where she goes under the covers, and sleeps between our legs,, and if we move she's quick to put her paw out to tell us she is there. Angel still cuddles up by my chest and sleeps between me and Steven.. She likes that Chessy gave up that spot.. She seems more content now..

Do your cats sleep with you, and any weird ways they do it?
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Yep! Only when the weather is cooler though because I have a waterbed and in the warmer months it's too hot for them.

Chynna sleeps on the pillow next to me, right up by my face so that if I turn my head we're literally nose to nose and she likes to use my hand as a pillow! Sometime I wake up with her sitting on my chest looking down at my face, and sometimes I wake up with her sleeping across my chest.

Abby likes to lay next to me with either her tummy or back pressed up against me. I frequently find her stretched out with her butt towards my head and her tummy pressed right up against my tummy. Sometimes she will lay by my legs, or ever one of them.
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Ike-a-saurus falls asleep inbetween the SO and I when we go to bed, then after a few hours she gets up, stretches, and goes back to sleep at the foot of the bed....and between 4 and 5am every morning she wakes up and is ready to play and bite our feet! Hmmm...
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Right now just Asher sleeps with us. Jack still sleeps in his room at night.
I sleep on my side and Asher lays right up against me with his back to my front with his head on my pillow. He usually stays this way for a while. Then he'll move to the foot of the bed. He's such a big sweetie!
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A picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine my body behind his and this is the usual sleeping arrangement with John behind me.

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I only let Harry sleep with us when we don't have to get up early the next day as he loves to wake me at 4am by licking my neck!! He will lie at my feet for a while but eventually makes his way up to my chest where he will settle until he decides it's time to be fed. If I'm lying on my side he pretty much pushes me with his paws until I move onto my back.
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Originally Posted by angelkitty View Post
Chessy has started a new thing where she goes under the covers, and sleeps between our legs,, and if we move she's quick to put her paw out to tell us she is there.
That`s so cute!
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Originally Posted by Jaffacake View Post
That`s so cute!
Thanks.. It's really cute.. She doesn't use claws to stop us.. Just the pushing out of her paw, to be like "Whoa Momms I'm down here"..

She's my fat cat.. She's really not that big, but bigger then my Angel. Angel only eats wet food, and well Chessy eats both wet and dry,, and Angel's dry food.. She's my piggy..

My salt and pepper girls!!!
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