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my sisters cat

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keeps getting runny stools. she takes him to the vet everytime this happens and all they do is give him some antibiotics and tell her to put him on boiled chicken and rice for 48 hours.

but it keeps comming back, i put the idea across that he might have an alergy sorry cant spell it, to his food, she has tried to change it but it still happens, so now iv asked her to try keeping him of beef to see if this helps.

his just over a year old he was one of lillys litters last year, any other ideas what could be going on? i dont like to second guess vets but as some of you konw they dont always get things right. his also up to date with his wormers. and shots.
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what food does he eat??

what litter is he using/??

Has she tried adding pumpkin or a probiotic to his diet
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If she can't get pumpkin readily (I have never in my life seen tinned pumpkin in the UK!) Almo Nature do a chicken and pumpkin tinned food - it's not cheap tho!

Has the cat had any tests to rule out giardia or similar protozoan or parasitic infestation?

I think if he's on and off antibiotics a lot he's not going to have any of the necessary bacteria left in his digestive system so I agree trying a probiotic may be useful, either a supplement to add to food or a teaspoon of plain live yoghurt every day for a few days to see if that restores normality
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IMO I think the cat needs to see another vet and tell them what's been done and the problem still exists. Could be allergy, could be parasite.
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the food he is on is i belive his still on it is RC.
i know they have done a stool sample and it came back clear for parasites, but i dont think they did any other tests.
i will give my sis all these suggestions about the food, and if still nothink ask her to see a different vet, thanks for the help.
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