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food for obese older cats

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This is my first post. Hello everyone! I was referred here by a member on www.dachsie.org. (I am a dachshund owner).

I have two cats that are between 12-15 years old. They have been obese for quite some time. The vet has put us on prescription Royal Canin Calorie Control High Protein formula and before that was Purina DM. Neither of these seems to do much if anything at all. The cats are hungry all the time, we feed them the minimum amount and they still haven't lost any weight really. We just moved into a new house with much more space (in a condo before that), and they are moving around a lot more, but still no noticeable weight loss.

I've done a lot of research into dog foods for my dachshund Samson, so I was wondering if anyone had any good advice on better quality/brand foods for weight loss. From makers such as Wellness, Fromm, Felidae, etc.

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How long on the high protein formulas??

Have you thought about a indoor formula??

How many calories are they getting??

What should they weigh ?? what do they weigh??

have they been on a moderate fat , protein , carb??
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i am not a vet by any means, but i adopted a 7 year old overweight and put him on wellness low calorie and he is doing amazing, i feed him that twice a day and orijins once a day, which is a high protein food that is very good for him and curbs his appetite. (he is a big cat, 15 pounds so I feed a little less then a quarter cup three times a day) spreading meals out helps them lose weight as well, opposed to free feeding.,
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My personal experience with my tubby boy has been that dry food makes him gain like crazy. Normally he gets half a 5.5 or 6 ounce can of food twice per day, and he maintains his weight pretty well, particularly if I give him a very small (maybe 1/8 cup) of dry food at night so he'll let me sleep for 8 hours. In the past week, my other kitty has been sick, and I've given him more dry food than normal. He's gained several ounces in a short span as a result. He'll be going back to his canned food with a touch of dry routine soon to get him back down to a normal weight again.
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I've also had good luck with high protein, low carbohydrate canned food for weight loss. My Kolohe, Tiggy and Fluffy were all overweight. Since eating an all canned food diet beginning in January they've lost the extra weight.

They primarily eat grain free flavors of Wellness and Natural Balance. They each eat about one 5.5 or 6.0 ounce can per day in three feedings.
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i've seen quite a bit about can food being a good way to get some weight down. at first it seems the opposite, as can food is usually thought of as pretty junky compared to quality dry. Is it the water content that helps with the weight loss?

In answer to Sharky's questions, they've been on high protein formulas for over a year (Royal Canin Prescription high protein), and even longer on Purina Diabetic forumla (DM). They are approx 16+ pounds, and our vet has classified them as obese. So I assume they SHOULD be a lot less than that.

I'm considering replacing one of their Royal Canin dry meals a day with half a can of Senior/WeightLoss canned. Like Innova or Felidae. If anyone has any suggestions on brands, feeding schedules, etc, please share.

I used to turn exclusively to vets for advice, but the more I learn about pet food and nutrition, I wonder why they always recommend stuff like Purina and Royal Canin (a little better, but still not a real quality food).
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the canned idea is great /...

senior cans are really adult with modified mineral levals ....IN most case s

DO NOT USE a WT CONTROL wet ... the FAT and protein in most is DISMAL and thus much higher carbs ....

Where are you shopping?? Me suggesting foods not in your area wont help///

HAVE THEY LOST any wt ???

I ask cause some cats actually loose on higher carbs ... RARE but it does happen


grain free wets .... ie VERY LOW CARBS
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