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Bitter Apple

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Good morning,

Two questions please:

Is Bitter Apple Spray what you would suggest to keep kittens away from wires?

If it is, can you get it at Petsmart?

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It can work, although I have no experience with Bitter Apple & wires.

I know I've heard it suggested that you get wire covers for them. But I have no clue what they are or where to get them.
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I think you can get it at Petsmart or the equivalant of BA. Its great for kittens, cats, puppies, dogs - almost any animal to stop them from chewing wires, cords, and shoes

IMO a home with pets should have BA on hand
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I must have missed it at Petsmart. I saw many sprays that say they protect wires, furniture, etc..., but I did not see the BA. I will look again next time.
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The company I use to work for had an equivelent of it. Yes it works. When I first got Puff I had to use it. He thought wires were yummy. The first 10 minutes home he ate through my mouse cord.
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I bought it, sprayed it and it didn't deter my too kittens from biting...used a spray bottle-that stopped them. In fact, I've just had to place the bottle near the wires and they won't go near it. Now, I've even removed the bottle and they still stay away. Just keep in mind that you never spray a kitty in their face or at their ears-only the body and just a quick squirt. I also wait a second or two and then go pet and reassure the kitty so they don't associate the unpleasant experience with me. It seems to have worked. Good luck. The spray bottle technique has also been successful with keeping them off of tables and away from us while we are eating.
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If you had trouble finding the Bitter Apple, check the dog aisle. Stores often keep it there.
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