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Spaying & Shots

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My two kitties Sugar (1yr) and her baby Tiger (4mo.) have never been to the vet before. They are completely healthy but I need to get Sugar spayed. What shots are completely necessary to get before getting her spayed? And do I need to get the same shots for Tiger at the same time, or can I wait until I take him to be neutered? I've had bad luck with vets before so I really do not want to give them anything that isn't 100% necessary. Thx!
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Well, a vet can give you a better answer then I can.

Off the top of my head I would say distemper and rabies. Though most often the distemper comes in a combo shot.

Perhaps you should just really look around for a good vet, it can take some time, much like finding a compataible family doctor for yourself. Find one where you like the vets, and other workers, where you like their policies and the atmousphere of their office.

What has happened that has made you not want to give vacinations to your cats. At any rate I think it's a risk more worth while to get your cat it's shots, then to risk NOT getting the cat shots.
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When i was looking to get my kitty spayed most places required a rabies shot. It they didn't have them they would give at the time of spaying. When i took my kitty to get her shots they were also combos. You should find a good vet and discuss what shots are best for your kitty. Good luck
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I would find a good vet, holistic if you can, and have them examined and go over a vaccination schedule. Some things cats build up an immunity to with age, so they may not need some of the "kitten" shots. Also, depending on your kitties' "risk factors" like going outside, and other pets, other shots may or may not be recommended. Rabies is required by law, but I would never do it at the same time as the spay. Some animals have no problem with it but it's definately the riskiest vaccine, causing a lot of side effects or even behavioral changes in some animals, so I would want to do it separate so I could watch for any problems. A holistic vet would normally have some homeopathic remedies on hand to help smooth the process. Also, this way you could have your cats given a clean bill of health before surgery.
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My vet requires that the cat have her current rabies shots. I'm not sure if the combo shot of distemper/something else is necessary, but I've always gotten my cats that shot as well. There is a dose at 8 weeks and then one at 12 weeks. Then I believe a yearly booster as well.
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and they told me that cats need to have all of their vaccinations before getting them spayed. Cost is about 40 dollars here to get all the shots.... at least that's what they told me over the phone. :P Try calling the animal clinics around your area
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Whatever shots u decide on, put less stress on ur kitty & don't do it at the same time as the spay. Good luck in your decision!
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