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Daily Thread Tuesday 4 September

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Good morning, afternoon, evening everybody.

Hard to believe its the 4th of September already. Christmas and New year will be here before you know it.

Todays events, not much really, this afternoon Neko yelled out "Takezou, oi Takezou check this out" so I go outside and downstairs and he says Llook, this is my 40th lizard" "Wow, you are keeping count of how many lizards you catch"
"Yeah well if there were snakes around I'd keep catching them, how many did I bring you home" "That would be about 12 snakes, you bought me Neko" "Hmm just 12 eh".

Anyway that conversation with Neko was the highlight of my day , sad eh.

Dang hot day again.

Anyways have a great day all.

ETA: I did it again. I forgot to say something actually more interesting than a conversation with Neko.
This morning I had one of my warped dreams again. I robbed a bank with some mates and we got away with it, but then we chose to rob a casino {I know, how original} Now I don't know what exactly was going on but I had a tonne of cash, I was getting a mate to bail with me coz, I think alarms were going off, and one of my accomplices tried to stop me so I shot him in the head. {thats what I mean by warped} I think that is actually scary eh, 2 dreams about commiting robbery and 1 about killing some one. I'm just glad it was only a dream and not a sign of my future.
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I can't wait for christmas as well Takezou!!


It's a sunny day here today but it's only 17 outside

I'm going to see if i can get Jack booked in for his neuter next month then that's it booked.
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Good morning everyone!!!!

Did I hear the word CHRISTMAS!!

So today is back to work, gone all day from about 7:30 til about 7:30-8.

I sure do miss my kitties in that time-frame... kinda can't wait for this four month contract to be over so I can be home for a little bit again!
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Good morning!
Back to work...I hope a lot of people took an extra long weekend and are out today. I could use the quiet time.

Had a busy weekend, but I didn't get as much done as I'd like, sad to see summer go...not ready for Christmas!!
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Ooo...Thanksgiving and Christmas...Mmmmm...

Ugh, today isn't starting out so great for me I wasn't supposed to work today, I was supposed to have a VERY long weekend (which is awesome because I usually have a very short one). But a lady I work with took off and I had to come in. make it worse, I work with my mother...and we work together horribly. If this job didn't pay so well, I'd be out in a second... I need the money.

(But at least I can be on TCS while I'm here )
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Rainy and cool here this morning..Definitely feels like autumn weather now. Guess I will have to get my jackets out of storage soon.

Heading off to work early this morning, have 3 Mom's out of the offices today as they have youngster starting school for the first time. Not sure why they needed the whole day off but I guess it's a Mom thing. I have known all the kids since they were babies and I suspect they are handling the school thing quite well, they are all very independent. The moms on the other hand are most likely aren't handling it quite as well.

The kitties are good, just finished breakfast and now are sitting in the window watching the rain. Linus got in trouble this morning for trying to scale the drapes so he is giving me the occasional glare.

Everyone have a good one.
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Morning/evening all!!

Well, looks like it is gonna be another hot one here, highs expected to be 95 again today, but maybe alittle rain by the weekend to cool things off to around 88!! I so can't wait for fall!!

Nothing really planned today, I got caught up on all the laundry and house cleaning yesterday, so I guess I will just take it easy and see what today may bring!!

Hope everyone has a GREAT Tuesday!!
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Hey all,

Just back from a week of holidays and now doing pre-reading for a 2 week course starting next week. Won't be online much, just wanted to say "hey".

Hope you all have a good one!
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Morning everyone Lets see....I woke up around 9:30 and then did some dishes i had left in the sink from last night (Really exciting) After that Colin and I had some breakfast (he fixed it this morning- really sweet!) and watched Rachel Ray. Now he's outside sanding down a piece of furniture and i'm watching Martha Stewart (it's my day off! i plan to sit around on my butt this morning!)

Later today I'm going to go decide on what flowers i want for my centerpieces/etc for my wedding and go ahead and start buying everything to start making them. I'm supposed to check in on reception sites today too (leaning towards the zoo) and try to figure out prices/etc. Other than that i'm going to just chill out for a bit today and relax. I worked all weeked/holiday long so i'm zapped!
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Well we are having a couple days of summer this week!! Its sunny, light breeze and 87F (31C). Little humidity thank goodness!! About the same for tomorrow.

Worked this morning-icky stuff-digging and moving some plants and tree pruning. Filled the box of the truck quite high with branches!! Then did some work in one of my flower gardens and some watering.

So taking it easy right now.

Picked up a bunch of silk flowers and might work on some fall arrangements.
And ideas for dinner.

I lead such an exciting life!!
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