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In catterys does anyone know the hours that cat are supposed to be left all alone

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I would imagine overnight only. I know the cattery I use will feed and check they're ok late evening and early morning but there is no-one there overnight (as in checking the pens. The manager does live next door). There is always staff there throughout the day.
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I don't understand your question. Cats are alone overnight.

Some catteries have play time during the day also. I have seen some catteries where cats are always alone except for a morning & evening visit on weekends (would never have my cats boarded there) just to clean and feed. During the week, there are people around but the weekend is just the cats alone.

It all depends on how they run their cattery.

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i mean in the day when the oqner of the cattery goes out how many hours at the most should it be
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The place I took my two when I went out of town has someone there around the clock but mainly they have interactions with humans during the day and afternoon/early evening. They are left alone pretty much through the night in their respective areas but someone is always there to check on them if need be.
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Why are you asking? Is there a problem that you know of in a cattery that seems to be "left alone" for days???
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Originally Posted by alcool9999 View Post
i mean in the day when the oqner of the cattery goes out how many hours at the most should it be
I'm not sure what you'e getting at either. I'm not aware of any laws that say someone has to be there for x number of hours, but the catteries I've used have always been busy throughout the day so there's no time when the cats are left on their own. At the cattery I use now, there are several members of staff plus a manager plus an owner. Staff are there all day cleaning, feeding, playing with cats etc. and people collect and drop off at any time during opening hours. The reception area is also a shop so that is open all day and is adjacent to the pens. Opening hours will vary but the cattery should tell you what they are. If you're asking about a specific cattery ask them when and for how long the cats are left unattended.
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Im sorry if you miss understood i did have a sort of promblem as i was going to pick my cat up but no one was in for a good 3 ours if i remember right and the cattery door was open i was a bit anyoned and concerned. later i found out the gate was padlocked. so i was wrong but i was a bit concerned how long the owner was allowed to leave the cats

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Did you not have a word with the owner?. I've never known a cattery to be left unattended during the day?.

There was one that i put Rosie into a couple of times, and the owner wouldn't answer the telephone for a couple of hours, but that's because her and the rest of the staff were cleaning out the rooms and feeding the cats.

Are you in Lincoln in the UK?.
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Was this during specified opening times? I've never known a cattery not have people there all the time during the day as, unless it's a very small cattery, there's sufficient work to fill the day. If you went to pick up your cat outside of specified opening times then that's a different matter. While I wouldn't expect cats to be left unattended for that length of time during the day, I cant' really see anything wrong with it provided the cats are cared for and the pens cleaned properly. They wouldn't be able to leave them for much longer than that though due to feeding schedules, cats needing medication etc. Catteries that I've used usually spend most of the morning cleaning and the afternoons doing other stuff including settling in new cats etc (I can drop them off in the morning but if I want to go to the pen to settle them in myself I have to go in the afternoon).
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yes i am in lincoln uk and yes it was in opening hours
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