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Look who we have as a houseguest!

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Some of you may remember Earl, the little kitten I fell in love with while volunteering at the shelter a couple of months ago. He was a tiny little guy, but he had ears worthy of Dumbo. He was irresistible, but I had to resist him -- we've already got more than a full house, and it really wouldn't be responsible of us to take on another kitty.

But I tucked a note into Earl's paperwork telling whoever adopted him that my mom and I adore him and would be happy to babysit him if they ever needed us to. A long shot, but... sure enough, a lovely young couple who just moved here from England adopted him six weeks ago, and now they're in the Bahamas on their honeymoon. So Earl is here with us for a week!

He's grown a little bit, but his ears are still pretty impressive.

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Oh my goodness! What a cutie!
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Oh WOW!! What are the odds of that happening? Amazing! That was such a great idea to leave the note. He's a babydoll!!
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I wish I had a picture of him walking -- he's so precious! Such a scrawny little backside, but his tail is a mile long, and it gradually widens out into a fluffy foxtail at the end. Just the cutest little guy... and such a good snuggler, too.

We may have to sell the house and move before they come back to get him...
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I'll move this little cherub into fur pics

He's as cute as a button isn't he. I bet that made your year having to babysit for him
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He's a sweetie! Look at that sleepy little face and those little paws poking out!!
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What a cutie pie!
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OMG look at those little white toes!
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Awww! Look at that sweet face and those little white paws! What a lucky kitty. I'm so glad he has a great home, and a great sitter. (And I love those radar ears!)
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what a doll!
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He is so darling. I'm not sure I could give him back.
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Oh he's just precious
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Those ears are kind of big

Makes him all the cuter though
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he looks part Maine Coon.
Is he?

Very cute...
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Y'know, I thought he might have some Maine Coon in him, too -- but if he does, he missed the gene for being BIG! (He does have the long, long tail, though!) He's four-and-a-half months old, but those soft little paws are no bigger than my thumb.

I'm posting again because... ...Earl went home today. His parents returned from the Bahamas and called to say they were coming for him. I said, "We don't want to give him back!" and his daddy said cheerfully, "Tough noogies, we're on our way!"

The good news is -- they're going back to London for a visit at Christmas, so we'll get to keep Earl then, too!

Here's a picture of him at the shelter when he was a baby...

And here's one in our kitchen this afternoon...

We miss him already! Even our kitties are morose. St. John wandered around looking for him for quite awhile...
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He's adorable! I wouldn't want to give him back either, but it sounds like he has a wonderful home to go back to!

Christmas isn't that far away, and he'll be back before you know it
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