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This is the male Kitties and their owners! Please again make sure I haven't made any mistakes!!!

MALES and their Owners

Lazlo - LDG
Harry - Bundy
Kahu - Kiwideus
Peedoodle - Kiwideus
Roo - Tamme
Sheldon - LDG
Bud - Shell
Sam - Sammie5
Opie - katl8e
Guimauve - Vikki
Jake - DragonLady
Tatum - DragonLady
Peter Pan - DragonLady
Tiger - Myste
Jorin - Myste
Draco - Purringpanther
Orion - Purringpanther
Sterling - Coco Maui
Spike - jgaruba
Nikolai - manomi
Loki - Hell603
Trent - valanhb
Alf - flimflam
Nickajack - sherral46
Grayski - sherral47
Cloud Dancer - sherral48
Peppurr - Crazy-Cat-Lover
Vader - Crazy-Cat-Lover
Hercules - Crazy-Cat-Lover
Rascal - Crazy-Cat-Lover
Felix - Crazy-Cat-Lover
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Trent has enough love to share with a couple ladies out there. I told you he's a lover. Unless of course there are other boy kitties out there who are waiting and procrastinating until the last minute.... (typical guys )
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Thanks Heidi I'll put the studly Trent down for a couple of hot kitties also!
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"Time Waits For No Man" and in this instance ........ No Cat either!!!

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The outside gang can send Valentines! If you want, you can add Tuxedo (male), Julius (male), and Magic (male)!!! Otherwise, you can just sign up Lazlo and Shelly for threesomes! Ooops - I mean - for sending more than one valentine. And if you need Laz and Shel to send more than one valentine even WITH Julius, Tuxedo and Magic, they're game!!!

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Threesomes??? Laurie, this is NOT that kind of website!
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:laughing2 :LOL:
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Every Male Cats Fantasy Come True LMAO!!! how typical!!!

Now I have

All happy to have more than 1 female!!!! tsk tsk tsk!
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If we are not to late we should like to enter also;

2 Males:

2 Females;

Bump? Bump? Bump? Bump?


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Els that's fine! I will put your 4 in the list! If there is any questions about what we are doing if you don't understand please let me know!

We type in the word *Bump* when we want to make sure every one sees the thread! This keeps it near the top and on the new messages because everytime you post something it brings it back again if you know what I mean!!
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Yes I do.
Thanks a lot.

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No Problem Els
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Just to confuse you, Leslie, Julius, Magic and Tuxedo weren't on the list before - but if you need them to be, they can be (you were short a few males). THEN Lazlo and Shelly get to fulfill their fantasies of two girlfriends!
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Confuse me?? HAH!!!! No soup for you!!!

I thank you for putting the (outside) boys in Laurie. I will use them as a last resort if you know what I mean! I am sure you don't need to have to do 20 Valentine Cards, you have enough on your plate as it is! I can take my girls out of it if need be anyway! But thanks Mate you are an
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My Roo can take on more than one female as well. He's very creative at Valentine's greetings. Just let me know.
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Thanks Tamme that would be great!!! You and Roo are too.
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*Bump* Again!!

Tick Toc Tick Toc Tick Toc Tick Toc Tick Toc Tick Toc Tick Toc Tick Toc Tick Toc Tick Toc Tick Toc Tick Toc!

It's your last chance!!!!!!!! Mwahhhahahahha!!!

Needed :tounge2: red hot blooded males!!! Calling all males!!!
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Um Suki isn't male Although some sellotape and a lump of putty could soon sort that!

Okay count me in, whatever it is :P
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Ooh ooh ooh! We almost missed this!

Milo (male) - mellow, handsome, gsoh, non-smoker, social drinker, intelligent professional with own home in the bush and sports car.

Popcorn (female) - funloving, gregarious, sensual, loyal with fluffy tail and own supply of lizards and dragon-flies. Loves to birdie-watch while smoking a catnip cigar.

Coco (female) - slim, sleek body with beautiful tawny hair. Looking for male to share good times and heat pad. Slight Vegemite addiction.

PS Milo wants to 'give himself' to more than one girl so he's happy to have an extra or two Leslie mate.
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Happily owned by Milo Popcorn and little Coco

Tania!!!!!! Come over here!!!! You will be giddy and beside yourself with glee when you can have 5 whole months of snow!!!

I'd be happy to ship all the snow over to you but the freight costs would be horrendous!

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I luuurve snow!!
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Me TOO !!!!!!!
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eltopsis, I love that! It's too cute!
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Yes, it's cute isn't it.

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Count me in! I'm glad I didn't miss this!

Male: Socks
Female: Boo
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Can I still get in?

Girly girl - Coco
Big Bad Boy - Eddie
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Alf is ripe for some extra love - he would love to send Vallie's cards to more than one lady - bring 'em on!
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When's the cut off date?
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Okay!!!!!! *phew*

We have 36 males
and 47 females

As there are quite a few males that wish to have more than 1 Valentines (the tarts) we should be right! The cut off date is the 14/1/03 (today) I will endeavor to have all kitties matched by tomorrow!

ELS if you click on the links below they should take you to sites that have cards, pictures etc that you can use for your Valentine creations! Do you have any programs such as paint shop pro etc??? to copy a picture you right click it and then save it to a file on your hard disk! I am not very good at explaining things but there are several members here that would be able to help you better! please don't be afraid to ask! I am not sure what programs you have or what your computer skill is so let us know what you've got!

The CyberCat Looks at Love

Valentine BonoGrams

Valentine Stuff

Valentines Day Images

Valentine's Day Clip-Art
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Another link to some links


This has now officially CLOSED!!! If any of you wish to withdraw your kitties please let me know as there is nothing worse than a cat scorned!!!!!!!!!!!!
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