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One boy - Loki
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Ivo, Princess of The Kingsbury (she's a girl)
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Count my two in! Ophelia would love more attention from a boy kitty who isn't trying to chew on her ear. Trent is such a lover, he's always in for a girlfriend since Ophelia is his sister.

Male: Trent

Female: Ophelia
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Here I'll help you bumb...
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Me too!


Alf, mature tuxedo seeking a glamour-puss for friendship and possible romance.


Veronica (Ronnie), a non-stop party-girl seeking fun and frivolity
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*** Bump! ***

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This will be fun!

Ninners :Female Moo Cow kitty from Cow Town (Columbus,OH) in search of same, must be neutered and litter trained!

Josephine: Cream colored female 8 yrs old in search of wild young thing to make me feel like a kitten again.

Auxana: Tortie female, Looking for a "Big" girl? Then I'm for you! weight not important

Sarah: Feral female looking for that one main male to tame me! I'm shy but loyal!
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Count me in!
Cloud Dancer

White Cloud
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Thanks for the bumping help whilst I was napping guys! Great job hehehe! Have included all new names! *phew*

The personals are too funny!!!!!!!!!!
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Hmmmmmm Not sure if you are going to be able to read this or not as I think it will be too small......

If it turns out okay This is the Ladies
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The Men!

Again This is not the final list just an update of names on the data base! Please can you all check that the names are correct and I have them with the right owners thanks!
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*Bump again*
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Wow! What a list!
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Bundy - you should start a feline dating service!
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Look at all of these spayed/neutered kitties, looking for a date! Do they know something, that we don't?
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Faile, beautiful, somewhat crazy party girl always looking for fun.

Molly, cute and sweet, loves to cuddle, a homebody.
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I have 10 cats!




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Oh no, my Coco is a female not a male. Wouldn't want her getting Valentine's from other female's. Who knows she might like it

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Don't worry!!!!!! I will make sure female to male only (unless otherwise requested):tounge2: I have moved Coco to the female list LOL! Sorry for the error! That's why I thought I would post the list so that mistakes like that get fixed up! Sorry again.

Don't forget the cut off date is 14th January.
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Just a thought.......... Those of you that have more than 1 cat will getting the same amount of kitties back that you have to do a Valentines for! So if you have 10 cats you will have to also do 10 different Valentine cards etc as well! Are you all happy with that?

Please check out the 'VERY IMPORTANT NEWS Thread!'
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I got the gender of my kitties right! LOL! Going to check out the Very Important News Thread now!

You're a LOVE, Leslie, for doing this!!!!!
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Sheewwww...my Coco is heterosexual again!
Thanks for fixing her on your list

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This sounds fun

both female
Corky and Jinxy
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*** Bump & Bump ***

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Thanks for the Bumping mate!

*bump* again! this is the last day peoples!!!!
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Hey Leslie! It's still the 13th over here in this hemisphere! :tounge2:
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Ah Rats!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I forgot about that! LOL!
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OKAY ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the Female Kitties and their owners! Please again make sure I haven't made any mistakes!!! (even Bundy is not perfect hehehe)

We are 9 females ahead of the males so any other males (besides the studdly Sam) that would like to send a Valentines to more than one female please let me know! (We won't tell the other female)

FEMALES\tand their Owners
Hayley - Bundy
Nakita - Russian Blue
Penka - Kiwideus
Spooky - LDG
Tatyana\t- Bundy
Tigger - Tamme
Echo - Shell
Tiki - Shell
Ashley - carrie640
Cleo - carrie640
Rowdy - katl8e
Rudy - DragonLady
Brie - DragonLady
Hallie - DragonLady
Drysi - DragonLady
Mystique - DragonLady
Starrey - DragonLady
Wendy - DragonLady
Boo - Myste
Berkley - Coco Maui
Whiskers - Whisker's mom
Ivo - okeefecl
Ophelia - valanhb
Veronica - flimflam
Ninners - Nenners
Josephine - Nenners
Auxana - Nenners
Sarah - Nenners
Cheyeann - sherral46
White Cloud - sherral47
Coco - Coco Maui
Twinkles - Crazy-Cat-Lover
Majesty - Crazy-Cat-Lover
Mimi - Crazy-Cat-Lover
Mischief - Crazy-Cat-Lover
Xena - Crazy-Cat-Lover
Faile - bren.1
Molly - bren.1
Corky - wibble
Jinxy - wibble
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