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Ughhh....I am having quite a time with my allergies!! Anyone else having problems??

I had a allergy shot 2 1/2 weeks ago, and its just not helping me much!!

Any ideas of good meds to try?? Maybe one that doesnt make ya so dang drowsy??
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Not exactly the same thing as yours this time, although I am having allergies I have never had before.

I am however allergic to poison sumac.

Never poison ivy.

Well we did move into our new home back in April or so and the backyard is a small forest.
I went out to do some clearing out of the yard where the previous neighbor was severely allergic to the poison ivy so they didn't go out back much at all.
I kinda know what the ivy looks like but the sumac I did not know.
I have only had it one time in my 47 yrs. and that was 20 yrs ago.

Well the 2nd day I started noticing the itching and a big mark across my face where I guess I must've done something stupid when I was out there.
So from my forehead to my chin I have this annoying stuff + my knees, and arms.
So allergies are a real pain to me right now.
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can you get allergy shots once a week? that may help. I know it will suck getting poked every week but it may be for your own good. I had to get allergy shots once a week and my allergies got better but I hated getting poked but that's not the reason I stopped. I stopped getting them because my allergies got better.
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