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I hope this topic is in the right section. This is the main reason why I joined up. We have three cats who are very, very fussy. We have bought them many different things to eat but lately, they barely eat a thing. My Mum gets worried about them because of the amount they eat.

Tiddles and Socks prefer meat, we have bought them a few types of pet mince which they both used to love but now they barely eat it. Tiddles will walk up to the food, sniff it then walk away again. Socks isn't so bad, he will eat anything when he gets hungry enough. Our other cat Sooty is the worst, he prefers fish but Mum buys him cans of cat food, she'll put it out for him and he'll eat a mouthful then walk away. Sometimes he doesn't eat any of it!

Tiddles will eat a mouthful of fish sometimes as well but we put out nice meat for him which he used to love but simply ignores it now, same as Socks most of the time. We have bought them chicken as well and Tiddles ate some one night but after that.. no such luck. We have tried so many different things, we just don't know what to give them anymore! I think the problem is that they were spoilt.. and still are but anything we give them barely gets eaten. We also put out cat biscuits which are eaten rarely as well. They have about two or three bowls of different food set out a night due to their fussiness but they usually ignore all of it. They will eat a bit if they get hungry enough but not a lot at all!

If anybody here can give us any advice on what they might like or why they are so fussy or just anything would be very much appreciated! We just don't know what to do anymore.

Edit: I still haven't had any tips or advice. Nevermind, I joined another cat forum and got several answers within an hour. Thanks anyway..