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Some people must be cat magnets

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My sister is what I call a cat magnet. When she was in college, a litter of kittens and two adult cats just showed up outside of her place. She took one in and helped the others get adopted.
Now that she has moved back to Richmond, VA the same thing happened, another set of kittens on her back porch.
I wish this would happen to me (don't tell my boyfriend though). I would love to take care of little kitties in need but none ever just "show" up at my house.
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None have just showed up at my house either, it would be neat. and something to spend my money on, a little project I guess, getting them adopted. But I guess donating will have to do for now.
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Careful what you wish for! They show up here all the time! Sometimes I just want to barr the door, but I don't.
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ha ha, they must sense what a wonderful person you are, haha bar the doors. You know you wouldn't.:tounge2:
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WHen I was home in NZ, cats were always turning up and I couldnt ever turn any away, so I ended up with a black DSH, a persian tortie, a silver tabby, a strange looking girl cat - I am not sure exactly what colour she was, she was so strange. She used to attack my brothers dog all the time.

Of course, I always went door to door with all the cats and asked whether they were owned by people - no one would lay claim. The persian was so beautiful, she had been spayed, and I looked all over the place for her owner. So we ended up keeping her. She was a sweet little thing who liked to live on top of the fridge.
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I agree with Hissy - be careful what you wish for! There are so many out there, I'm sure that if you keep your eyes and ears open, you'll find one or several outside that store or in that parking lot some day....
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Laurie- I have to ask- what is with the Nixon wannabe smilie that represents Gary? LOL
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LOL! We had that question in a different thread. The smiley is actually a heavy-metal head-banger, but we listen to "hard rock" (among other things - we are getting older, after all, LOL!) - so it's just a guy rockin' out.... (But Gary was a Nixon fan....)

Basically, I couldn't find a smiley giving the peace sign. Gary signs off most phone calls with "Peace" or "Peace, Love and Happiness" - despite our supposedly professional jobs. And he frequently has tunes in the background, with CNBC on mute....

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Yes, be careful what you wish for-that's how we ended up with 9 cats!! Seven of the nine just showed up and adopted us!!!
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I'm constantly being approached by cats! Let's see: I've placed a total of 12 cats! I used to call my friends up to ask for a favor and before I could even ask, they would shout "No I'm not taking a cat!" Cats follow me around every where. My boyfriend gets so mad! He swears that they all know I'm a sucker! When I was in college and was living in a dorm the security guards called me the "Cat Lady". I would always have a stray that was following me around campus! I wish I could have snuck them in but my roommate had a pet rat.
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I want to be a cat magnet
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