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Jen, again, with *another* introduction

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In my other intro, I mentioned that I had been looking for a Siamese when I found my girl, Lucy. As fate would have it, the shelter had gotten a Siamese after I applied for Lucy (the woman who did my home visit mentioned her to me), and she was in the cage above Lucy when we went to pick her up. I tried to ignore her as much as I could, since Dave (my live-in boyfriend) and I had not agreed to two cats, and I didn't want to fall in love with a kitty I couldn't take home. He, of course, while I was filling out Lucy's paperwork, played with the Siamese kitty (named Sunshine). I couldn't help but notice that she was eight years old (about the same age as my beloved Siamese we adopted - she lived to be 22!).

I just told myself she would be adopted immediately, anyway...long before I would be able to talk Dave into another cat. A few days after I took Lucy home, the shelter received a kitten with feline distemper...long story short, all cats were quarantined, and the only members of the public allowed to get in were people adopting vaccinated, adult cats they had already requested.

So now, this little middle-aged kitty who wasn't "showing well" in the shelter already is guaranteed another two week wait. I sent them an email inquiring about her, hoping they'd say she was adopted. Nope...she's not only not adopted, but she's getting the sniffles and doing pretty poorly in the shelter. So, I gave them a call today, got even more info. she is. She's supposed to be eight, might be older. She's a love, but a little timid in the new place. She was dumped at the shelter because she didn't like her previous owner's kids; I told her she'll fit right in, since Dave and I don't like kids that much, either.

Ugh...I am too lazy to figure out pictures right now, so I'm just going to link you to my photobucket page - this is her shelter picture:

There are probably a million reasons I shouldn't have gotten this kitty, but darn it, I love middle aged kitties. Purebred or not, she's not getting adopted snotting all over the public and hiding in the corner. They may have sent her to Siamese rescue, but I would have just wanted her from them, too. Her situation just reminds me of my previous kitty's so much. I've got her separated in the bedroom. Lucy isn't going to like not being able to sleep in the bed, but she'll be okay. She's got a lot of years ahead of her, so a few days of annoyance won't kill her. Who knows how long this new girl has? I want to make the best of her golden years (hopefully, lots of them). I just hate it when older cats are dumped at the shelter. to the vet this week for a general check-up, bloodwork, and whatever the vet wants to do for the URI.
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Bless you for rescuing her.

She is beautiful!
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Aw I'm glad she has you
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This is how much a bunch of saps we are...Dave is sleeping in the bedroom with the new Siamese kitty (who needs a name, btw), and I am crashing on the *loveseat* (my two couches won't be delivered until Wednesday), so Lucy doesn't cry all night outside the door.


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Isn't it funny how they take over our lives
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What a pretty girl.
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What a beautiful seal-point girl! I don't think 8yrs is all that you said, she's probably got alot of years left in her. I'm sure both of your new babies are going to bring you years of joy!
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Good on you for giving her another chance. Look forward to hearing all about your kitties & seeing their pics.
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The joys of cat ownership - when you realize that they really own you. Welcome to our newest member, the little Siamese with no name. (Though she looks like a Phoebe to me)
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Hola y bienvenido a TCS, ...Catulina y Milky te saludan!!........
(Translate: Hi and Welcome to TCS, Catulina and Milky say hello to you!!!...)

See you on the forums!
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Oh, she's beautiful! I'm so glad you got her. Tigger was 14 when we adopted her, almost 4 years ago!!
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