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Addicting site!

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This site is addicting. I have been reading the forums for a while when I am at work, but now I thought I would be a member and this is addicting. You guys are great.
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Heh, it really IS! I get caught up in it at work. And it gives me something to do while the SO plays computer games . Now-a-days he's the one begging ME to get off the computer!
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What county in Florida are you? Are you involved in any rescues?
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Welcome To TCS from a fellow Floridian!
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It is nice to see Floridians on the website. Thanks for the welcome.
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Welcome to the site of unending addictions! It is seriously addicting here. Pretty soon (if not already) if don't go on at least every day you start having withdrawals. It's like a smoking addiction...without the cigarettes
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I know exactly what you mean!! I was off work today (which I'm still in shock about) and got up at 8:00 to check my e-mail before starting my day. Then, 4 hours , 2 cups of coffee and leftover biscuits & gravy later, I decided I had better take a shower and begin my day.
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Oh, let me tell you...my husband has threatened to disconnect the internet so I can actually get something done on my days off! I have learned to not log on before I go to work, or else I will be late. Yeah, it's a little addictive!
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Wow....nice to see so many Floridians on here! I didn't even notcie the OP was one until I read the other posts!
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