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Litter Box problems!

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I have seen this thread alot but I have tried everything so I thought maybe someone could tell me if they had any experience with a bahavorist. I am a new member have been reading alot of forums about litter box problems. My 15 yr old cat, CRF cat has not been using her litter box. This has been so frustrating, but have been trying everything to accomodate her. I have tried everything I have read on here to anything else I could think of. My vet had no other suggestions.

Since living in Florida, I put a cat door in this weekend that she could come in and out of as she pleases. I think this has solved the problem so far but will keep you updated. Just to let you know, she will not leave our 6 ft. fences we have so now threat there, she enjoys the warm weather on our nice wood deck. Any nobody else with a similar experience?
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Has she not used the box just sort of overnight? Because that could mean she has a problem and needs to see the vet. If it's not overnight, she could still have a problem, but was there some event or other that could have set her off otherwise?
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