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Julius and Munchkin Update

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Well, we made a new kitty shelter for Juli, and he is home. It was in the 40s today, and is supposed to be again tomorrow, so at least he'll have a few days to adjust to being back outside.

He looked so scared! He slunked off behind a neighbor's trailer at first (many of the trailers are here year-round even though the people aren't), but we coaxed him back with wet food.

There were a number of scraps with the crowd that has remained resident here, but they seem to have got it worked out and ate a very peaceful dinner.

We rubbed Juli down with a washcloth, and tossed it in the new shelter. All we can do is hope he moves in there. He's missing some hair on his legs and back-end, but the Vet thinks he should be fine, even if it gets cold again. The most important thing is that we're here most of the time, so we can keep a close eye on him. We really can't afford to board him for two months, so I really hope he'll be ok. The best would be if one of the kitties moves into the new shelter with him to help keep him warm - although there's more than enough shelter for them all already.

(We wrapped the shelter with heat tape and coiled some in the bottom as well. Even slightly hairless, he should be pretty toasty - IF he moves in there. Keep your fingers crossed!)

And of Monday morning, they were going to keep her. (The cat of the lady we adopted her to didn't take to Munchie IN ONE DAY, so she dropped Munchkin off at a cousin's house Sunday night!!!!). Then as of Monday night, they didn't want to keep her as the hubby is apparently severly allergic to cats. BUT the next day he bummed some Zyrtec from someone he works with, and they were going to keep her again. BUT then as of Wednesday, they didn't want to keep her, because basically she moved in to their folding couch/bed, and wouldn't come up except when they were asleep.

We told our assistant, Linda, to tell them just to ignore her, and if his allergies were OK, then we'd come Saturday to pick her up.

So they started ignoring her, and of course, then she wanted attention. So as of today, she was out and playing with them, so now they want to keep her.

Gary is about out of his mind with all of this. He finally told Linda he doesn't want to know whether they're keeping her or not. If they decide not to, take her to the Vet and board her until Saturday, and we'll pick her up and pay the bill. Linda told me today that when she told that to the hubby of her cousin, he FREAKED and said absolutely not!

So.... I guess we'll find out Saturday where things stand.

As of right now, they want to keep her. She IS beautiful, and she IS so cute! It's just these people have no patience! And Linda DID give them all the handouts I gave her... so if they bothered reading any of it, they SHOULD have a clue!

Poor baby Munchie is in my prayers. At least these people WANT to love her, and that's ok.

But it has been one heck of a week!
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It has been a major rollar coaster hasn't it?

At least Munchie is warm and Juli is under your watchful eye. One day at a time Laurie! Thanks so much for the update, they have been constantly in my thoughts!! Go get a good night's sleep!

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Laurie, I really have my fingers crossed that Julius will move into the shelter you prepared for him. And I hope that Munchie has a good home. You've been under a lot of stress lately. Have you heard any more news about Rocki from Debbie? Has she settled in? Try not to worry. You're new to this Mommy business, and you're doing a wonderful job. You're just so conscientious that it's very hard on you.
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Sounds like these people have never owned a cat before, perhaps they are dog people? I guess time will tell
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I do wonder at people who expect a cat to just be a lap-cat within a few days...... Wonder=

I'm sure Juli will be fine - cats wear two fur coats!
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Good grief! Makes me want to get on a plane and shake some sense into these people! One day and they give up on Munch? GRRRRR! I would take them off your feral foster family list there Laurie! They do not have what it takes to handle a feral's special needs. I hope Munch doesn't decide to act out and end up with the short end of the stick!
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That is so frustrating. Dont they know they are playing with a cat's life? Oh its just too cruel. Everyone is in my thoughts and prayers!
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The strangest thing is that Linda (our assistant who WAS adopting Munchie) rescued a declawed kitty that looked abused, which wandered out of the woods in Staten Island several months ago. But it is her first experience with a cat, and I guess she was feeling very protective of Sarah, despite all our discussions about the intro, the time, etc.

And the people who now have Munchie have never owned a pet, period. So they're just clueless. But, like usual, I sent along a large package of material with Munchie for Linda, and she did pass it along to her cousin.

But in my heart of hearts I agree - what is wrong with these people that they don't expect a feral-rescued cat to be scared when entering a new home with new people - especially after having just been at a different home for one day???????
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I've got my fingers crossed, have knocked wood, and will say a few prayers for Julius & Munchkin!!

And yes, I, too, cannot believe how people expect a new kitty to just open up and act right at home as soon as they set paw in the front door!
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I'm here chiming in late as usual. I hope that these people come to their senses and read the stuff you sent along for them. It's people like them that make my blood boil! they need to get some help so that they don't tramatize poor Munchie more then she already is. Do they know that you are willing to take her back anytime?( or can you do that?) either way, I know after all the s*** you have been through, everything will work out. if not, drop Munchie off on my doorstep and I'll take care of her!
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I've got my fingers crossed for little Munchie. She is such a doll, they've got to just be in love with her! Why is it no one bothers reading anything anymore? If any of them had read what you gave them they would have known what to expect and hopefully had a bit more patience with the little love. I hope it works out for her, though. I think if she's out playing and loving on them it will.
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Even young kittens in a new home will refuse to eat for a day or two, hide, and forget their litter box training. I've known of new owners who called the vet, thinking their kitten was sick, and were told they need some "settling in" time. I'm not a bit surprised Munchie is taking a little longer. Hers is a special case. Good grief!
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We called yesterday morning to confirm we were coming to pick up Munchkin - and they want to keep her!!!!! She came out of her shell (or their sofa/bed!) whatever day that was. Apparently she got scared again, and they were still going to give her back to us (but we didn't know about that change of mind again because we'd said we didn't want to hear about it any more, that we would call Saturday and find out where things stood).

But whenever it happened, by Saturday morning, she had run of the full house, was everywhere, sleeps with them, demands attention, rolls around on her back to play (which is just SO CUTE!!!!!!) - and they are completely smitten.

YAY! When we called, they were just about to go out to buy her cat furniture, her own "house" and who knows what else? It appears that they're going to spoil her rotten, and I'm sure she is so happy!!!!!!

I know I am!!! And boy is Gary relieved. (And so is our car, which has been making grumbly noises lately. Hang in there Saabi, we can't afford for you to need more work just yet!)

BTW - Julius is doing just fine. We don't know who's sleeping where, but the new shelter is being slept in. It's chilly, but no one is shivering. We mix their food with hot chicken broth before feeding them, and, of course, they have access to the dry kibble at the feeder too....

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That is great news about Munchkin!!! Whew!

I sure hope that Juli can get a new home soon - heck if I were nearby and had room, I would take him in!

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LOL! Kellye - you've already got your hands full!

But I've got to say that Juli is the sweetest kitty. He IS shy, and now I'm reluctant to adopt him out, period. I won't do it unless he's going to a home where people have experience working with rescued kitties. He's such a goofy guy. He's SO big (NOT fat!) - I so wish we could bring him inside!!!! I'd love to keep him.

Dang! We're going to have to win that lottery soon so we can buy a large home!!!!

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Woohoo Laurie! And you were worried...of course Munchie would charm the pants off them! Great way to begin a new week!

Grins all around!

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That's so great about Munchie! I just love happy endings.
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Well....I wanted to win the lottery, but if it means Julius can come in, then go ahead!! ( ) Great news about Munchie!
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I am so glad there is a happy ending to the Munchkin story!!!! Or should I say... Happy beginning!
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Haven't been around for a dew days, but my thoughts have been with you and the cats Laurie. I am so glad to hear Munchie has finally found a good home!!! That is such good news!! My prayers are still with Julius, too! Keep us posted!
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I just wanted you to know I have Munchkin in my prayers. Sounds like this pretty kitty is having a hard time finding someone to love him and keep him. I wish I could be there to give him a hug. I sure hope things work out and he has a good home. Please let me know if he gets to stay or comes back to you. Thank you.
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Jules is doing great, and is back to his normal routine with the outside gang! His hair is growing in a bit, and we're doing our darndest to keep them all warm!

...and little Munchie is now Annie! They named her after Little Orphane Annie, and we understand she's being spoiled rotten.

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