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Litter box problems

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Hi, I'm having trouble getting my 12 year old cat to use her litter box. We moved to a new house about 2 years ago. When we first moved here she always did her business in this one room. We took her to the vet and there was no UTI's. We then just shut the door so she couldn't go in there. That solved the problem, from then on she went in her litter box and we had no problems with her. Now that my sister moved out of the house (her bedroom was the one my cat always did business in) i moved in her bedroom... but the same room that my cat always does her business in. So now the problem started again. About twice a week she does her business in my room. I do not want to lock her out of the room since she always wants to be around me but i can't have her keep doing her business in my room! She has no UTI's. What could the problem be? I clean her litter once a day, and completely clean it once a week (new litter and scrub it). It was located in the laundry room but i now moved it into the bathroom since she may not like all the noise from the laundry room, but even then its still quiet in there. Sometime she will do her business in my room when im sitting at the PC and i don't notice till i smell something foul and turn around and see you know what on the floor. But if its pee i usually can't tell till night when i use a black light and check, but even then its hard too see. So she may be going more then twice a week. But i think she goes at night when im sleeping. Please help me solve this. And before i forget, the smell from the urine is VERY VERY bad since she has done it a lot! What are some good things i can do to get rid of it? I've had the carpet professionally cleaned and i can still smell it. I really dont want to do something that is going to take weeks and $100's of dollars too get rid of the smell, so if it will take that much money... what are somethings i can use around the house too? Thanks in advance.
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I have the same problem with my cat, she is 15 yrs old. She is a CRF cat, but now within the past 6 months, she will not use the litter box. I have tried so many different things.

The first thing you should rule out is any medical problem.

One thing you can try, make sure you clean the box every day, and change the litter out every week.

I have tried every litter out there. I hope someone has some other suggestions.
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Tried enzymatic cleaner?
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