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my cat is howling! why???

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I have an 11 month old kitten who almost never meows or makes any sort of noise. For the past two days, however, she has been walking around making a strange howling noise. I've tried giving her more food, water, kitty litter, cuddling her, petting her, everything. I'm really worried, is this a sign of some illness??
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Has she been spayed?
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no, she hasn't been yet. Is she going through heat?
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Yes it sounds like exactly what she is doing...... make sure you keep her inside at all times ....... you need to get her to a vet to have her spayed ASAP. Some will do it when she is in heat but I think most wait until she is out of heat.

Its very important for her health that you get her spayed. One she can develop medical issues from not being spayed and unless she is in a reputable breeding program and bred to cat that is free from disease, she is susceptible to many diseases from other cats. Heat is also a very stressful time for a cat.

Welcome to this site, stick around, you will find some really useful info in caring for your kitty.
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I hope you get her spayed as soon as you can. Heat is very hard on them and on you.
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Thank you so much, I've been worried out of my mind thinking she'd been poisoned or something. Luckily she's an indoor city cat, so there's no risk of babies. But she does seem so upset I'm going to have her fixed as soon as she stops being in heat.
Thank you
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You are very welcome. Heat can be a very scary time, especially not knowing that is what the kitty is going through. Good Luck and like I said, stick around, theres a lot of friendly and helpful people here for many issues and even just talking about our feline families.
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I'm glad I found this site, I definitely will stick around
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