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Heated Cat Bed....anyone purchased one?

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I was just wondering if anyone has ever purchased one of those heated cat beds for their kitties? And if so, how did they like it?

Something like this.....

Or this.....
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hmm, No i have ont gotten one, but i would think in Louisiana, they would not use it?
i know i have 2 cat beds, they only get used during the winter it seems to me
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You would think Bruce, but not Ansel. He loves warm spots. Just today, he spent hours sleeping on the floor in front of the refrigerator where the warm air comes out.
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I thought we were the cats heated beds!

I've seen quite a few of these at a local farm/feed supply store, a little cheaper than that site too.
I'm not sure if a cat would use it? Maybe an older cat or one with arthritis... or no fur.
I have had Sho steal my heating pad when I get up, but he never seems interest in laying on it for more than a few minutes. Maybe if you have a normal electric heating pad around the house you could see if you cat(s) are even interested in laying on something warm?

I think the circler one would be great for kittens (if it were water proof).
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I've looked at the ones that absorb the kitties heat for the farm cats in the winter. Never bought one as I didn't know if they'd work!
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I use a snuggle safe instead.
Spaz is a little arthritic, and she just soaks up the heat, she loves her warm basket.
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I purchased the first one for Samson, my parent's cat. He was terribly anemic from advanced renal failure. He practically lived on it for the last year and a half of his life....even in the summer time. He loved it! They are nice as they only heat to 102 degrees F, one degree warmer than a cat's body temperature, so there's no worry about burns or overheating. I highly recommend it!

I'm afraid of the snuggle safe discs. I know of a person on the Feline-CRF-Support site who had one explode in the microwave. It blew the door of the microwave off and splattered hot goo all over the wall. It could have been a disaster if anyone (especially one of his kitties) had been near it when it happened. Here's a link to his post:

In case you can't read the link, here's a copy of his post:

In a message dated 03/03/2002 6:52:36 PM Eastern Standard Time,, zayfodbb@... writes:

<<I just wanted to mention a product that our cats really love (we have no
commercial interest in it): Snuggle Safe discs. You put the discs in the
microwave for about 5 minutes and they stay warm for 12-14 hours. They are
hard plastic so you need to put them under bedding. Cost is about $20 per
disc, available through Foster and Smith or KV Vet Supply.>>

Just a WARNING on those things. I discovered them at PetsMart last year, and
they do work as described, retaining comfortable heat levels for an extended
period of time. In that they are not electric, they are much safer for a cat
than an electric heating pad which, for a number of reasons, is an accident
looking for a place to happen.

That having been said, be VERY cautious about how long you "nuke" these discs
in your microwave. Read the instructions carefully and be sure to compensate by
lessening the time if you have a high wattage microwave.

We had one of these things explode inside the microwave, and it made such a
mess that we had to trash the oven. The filling for the discs is some kind of
silicone-like liquid that gets immensely hot and is virtually impossible to
remove from anything. In liquid form it is scalding hot and once it cools it
is like candle wax --- in either form, I could not get it out of the
microwave, where it had blown into every nook and cranny. When the disc
exploded (it exploded at the sealed hole through which the discs are filled
with the liquid) it blew the microwave oven door open, spewing scalding hot
liquid out the door --- thank heavens none of the cats or me or my wife were
in front of it --- and I literally had to scrape the stuff off the tile floor
with a putty knife once it cooled. The oven was a total loss.

We had been using these things for several months without incident before the
blast occurred.

Bottom line: be aware of the risk, know your oven wattage, follow the
instructions for heating the discs explicitly (compensating with shorter
heating times for higher oven wattages), and never ever stand in front of the
oven, or allow the cats anywhere near it, while you are "nuking" a Snuggle
Safe disc.

While I was furious at losing an almost brand new Amana microwave oven, I am
immensely thankful that neither me, or my wife or my cats were in the line of
fire of this thing. It would have severely injured us and most likely would
have killed any cat that was splattered with the scalding hot liquid.

For the animals.

Dick Weavil
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I have two of them. One in the living room, another in "her" spot in the house. They stayed plugged in year around and are used constantly. I put blankets on top of them too for extra cuddle factor.
I have a Sphynx though, so that might have something to do with the fact she loves her heated beds all year round, all the time.
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Thanks for the input everyone. I was wondering what a sunggle safe was. Thanks for the explanation.

Trying out a heating pad first sounds like a good idea. It might give me an idea of if he would stay in the bed or not. I know he likes to be on top of the dryer when clothes are drying.
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The cats wouldn't use them... they already have a cat bed that's not only warm, but occasionally and sleepily scratches them behind the ears.
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Abby gives them four paws up.

She loves the heated pads so much that now she has a heated perch as well.
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My cats have a luxury heated bed. It's also known as "my bed". I have a 4 poster oak waterbed with drawers under it. They absolutely love it in the winter.
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Originally Posted by Callista View Post
The cats wouldn't use them... they already have a cat bed that's not only warm, but occasionally and sleepily scratches them behind the ears.
Mine does too, but I am not there 24/7 So she loves the cat beds when we aren't around for the various cat naps. She has a heating pad (the first one, the fuzzy one) placed inside an enclosed cat bed, and a heated round doughnut cat bed, and of course our bed.
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We got Ophelia one of those self-heating ones that reflects back her body heat. She LOVES it. Ginger LOVES it too - so much that we had to get another one.
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Originally Posted by valanhb View Post
We got Ophelia one of those self-heating ones that reflects back her body heat. She LOVES it. Ginger LOVES it too - so much that we had to get another one.
Those are the ones that I've been wondering about! Might have to invest in a dozen or so, for indoors & outdoors kitties.
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