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Sleeping Like Babies

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I thought this was just adorable. The white and grey male is about 5-6 weeks old, he is a foster (very sweet btw, but needs to put on some weight)... I think I may just have to keep him LOL

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OH GOSH, I don't see how you could NOT!!! Look at that little pink nose! And, well, look at the love between them -- could you honestly bear to separate them? NO!!!!
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Aww...they love each other!
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Awwww how precious!!
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This REALLY needs a cuteness warning!!! Awwwwwww
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Look how sweet they are together, please don't seperate them!
And that belly is just adorable!
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They are so cute, everybody needs a snuggle buddy
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Now, if that just isn't the cutest sight you've ever seen!! How adorable!!
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I would find it hard to seperate two kitties that have taken to snuggling like that (in case you need any encouragement)
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They are absolutly adorable.
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