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The Kittens are gone! Have I done the right thing?!

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Well I had a phone call yesterday from a Vet clinic in the city that takes kittens to adopt out! They are a no kill agency! They said that the take the kittens, worm, vaccinate, micro chip and desex them and then sell them for $129. The lady said that they had homed 10 kittens in the last couple of weeks and that they needed more, apparently the clinic has a sponsor that supplies food, litter etc and that the vet does the rest and that they don't charge to much for what they do because it means that they will have new clients in the future when these kittens come back for health checks etc. So I said yes and took them over! (Crying all the way) She said the kittens were very healthy and that she was sure they would find homes (and that they would try to get them to go hopefully together) I know that they will be looked after and that at least they will be desexed before they are placed in a new home so that is why I said yes but I am so sad at seeing them go and I worry about my little girls! She said that if I kept Amy and looked after her until she had the next lot of kittens that they would be happy to take them too! I also have to get Amy to the vets for Desexing before they are weaned! Pete and I didn't know what we were going to do with her whether to take Amy to the shelter as well as she is to far gone to desex now! They could do it but it is incredibly expensive (around $500 American) We just can't afford that! Pete said that we should look after this lot too (he is such a sweetie) and that we could get her desex after that! So I guess there will be more kittens in the house (What have I got myself in for?)

This has been very upsetting even though I know they will be okay! Do you guys think I have done the right thing?

Tatyana is beside herself and has been looking for them every where crying and meowing pitifully. She has taken to trying to play with the older cats without success and much rebuttal. I am trying to give her lot's of smooches and games but to no affect!
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This is really wonderful news, it truly is. You found the best place for those kittens and they are so cute and not that old, they will find homes in a heartbeat! I know you miss them and Tat does too- do you have your snugglekittie handy? You did a wonderful job raising them- and are to be congratulated for how far they went with you. Kudos from my home to yours!
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Awwww Bundy!! Welcome to motherhood! Of course they will do great and because of you they will have a wonderful future!

There are a couple of places around Toronto that also do the package like you described. I can just imagine Tat going around wondering where they went.

((((((((((Bundy & Tatyana)))))))))

Woohooo! Now onto the next batch of furballs!

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I know you will miss them, but you can visit them and see how they are adjusting! Don't forget you have practically found homes for the unborn kittens as well! This is a blessing! Best of luck with the new litter and spay! (((hugs))) from us and the future owners of those wonderful kittens!
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Yes, and they will be a credit to you. You have been a star giving them a home and giving them love.

Good luck with the new kittens and a very demanding request for pictures of them as soon as they are born.
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hissy thank you, you have help me in more ways than you'll know, so to you I say thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Russian Blue thanks mate for the hugs and kind words! Now if you lived closer I could send Taty over for some play time with Nakita to make her feel better

DragonLady Thank you also for you lovely kindness! I can ring up in a couple of days they said but I don't know if I could handle seeing them sitting there! I would probably buy them back and bring them home *sniff*

flimflam Thank you also! Dear oh dear, I look back on how many photos I posted last time and just don't think you guys can handle any more!

Thanks guys
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Of COURSE you did the right thing! If there's anything to learn from my pathetic experiences at adopting out kittens, it is LET SOMEONE WHO HAS EXPERIENCE do it!!!!!

What a wonderful, wonderful thing. You are SUCH a good kitty-mommy! You are so blessed, and your kitties will be too!!!!!!!!!!!

I know you are sad, but I am jealous! I wish we had such a wonderful place to turn to!

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Laurie thanks and hugs and kisses you are an you help and support has been much appreciated also!
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((((((HUGS)))))) coming from B.C. Canada.

You did the right thing. and best of all, you know where you can go now with the next litter. You are so lucky!
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Thanks Tamme! It is a relief to know that I can get the kittens into that place when they are old enough! and that they will be well looked after before going to their new homes, I think that is why Pete said to keep Amy with us to look after her this next lot (Also he loves having kittens around and under foot even though he doesn't like everyone to know about it!) He made me stop at his work on the way so that he could say goodbye to them before I took them over and was very upset at them going also.
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That is wonderful news, they can get homes.

Big hugs to you Bundy - I know you did the right thing!

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Thanks Kiwideus these hugs are really helping!
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You brought tears to my eyes! I've been following Amy's story since I was intoduced to this site and it's great that you gave those precious babies a chance! It's gonna be a sad time with out them, but I'm sure they will get furever homes with parents that love them just as much as you do!
Please give Tat hugs and scritches from me...poor little baby...she misses them just as much as you do!
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((((((Leslie & Tatyana))))))))

Of course you did the right thing. They have all the vet care they need, you don't have to worry about their new owners not getting them spayed, and they obviously have the resources to place them into loving homes. I know you will miss them horribly, as will Tatyana. We will miss seeing them, too.

Give Tat extra scritches from me.
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