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Does anyone have experience with this drug used to treat constipation? My cat just started using it last week and I'm not sure what to expect. He's been dealing with Megacolon since March and I've tried EVERYTHING - laxatone, pumpkin, fiber, low-residue health food, Kristalose, etc. Now the vet wants Buster to try Cisapride.

He started using it last Wednesay and it sort of worked but his poop looked like small pebbles. I took him to the vet on Saturday for an enema because I figured he needed to start with a clean slate before Cisapride would fully work. Now it's Monday and he hasn't pooped except for some pebble-sized pieces. I don't know if he's straining because I haven't been around all the time this weekend.

I know it's normal for a cat not to poop immediately after an enema since they're all cleaned out. However, it's been two days and he eats normally. I'll call the vet tomorrow (they're closed today for Labor Day) but I just thought I would ask here in case someone has experience.

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Nope, haven't tried it yet but that's the next course of action for Mitties if her regimine of lactulose and laxatone stops working.

After Mitties' enema, she had "di" for a day or so then started pooping normally. I usually take it as a warning sign if there are "pebbles" or a decrease in poop volume.

Vibes for Buster. It may just take a few days for the Cisapride to start working. Good luck!
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