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Where are they going to the bathroom?

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Ok, so the kittens are in the spare bedroom, so I don't see their daily activities as much as I would like, but I'm not sure where they're going to the bathroom.

I inspect everyday and only twice have I found poop on the floor, and once in the "nesting box".

They're five weeks old exactly.

I think one of them for sure has caught onto the litter box idea...because I've seen her scratching around in there (not in the playful way they do)...but I'm not sure about the others.

I removed all the cushy bedding from the nesting box to wash, left one soft blanket in there and put the little litter box (for their size) inside of there, just in case they're used to eliminating in there and need a little encouragement.

I've scoured the floors, behind the bed, every nook and cranny and haven't found any poop, but who could ever tell with the urine.

Do you think Mom is still consuming what they're eliminating to a certain extent???

Everyday I put them in and scratch their paws around to show them what to do, and I'll scratch a little too...but like I said, I am gone much of the day now and can't spend as much time with them as I'd like.

Any ideas as to where they're going and maybe more the frequency that they should be eliminating???? If I'm not finding poop elsewhere, do you think they're going in the big litterbox mom uses???? My Sophie was trained by 5 1/2 weeks , so I'm hoping this doesn't take too long or too much work.
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Yes, on both counts; Mom is still doing what mom cats do, and the kittens are using the litterbox(es). With urine, you would be able to smell it on the floor if they are peeing there; they are undoubtedly using the litterbox for this as well. I would add another box if I were you, and make sure they are cleaned several times daily. You are doing a very good job! Thank you for your caring!
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Are they eating solid canned foods yet? When they start that and are eating a good amount, they will poop more and mom will quit cleaning them. If they are still nursing, then she's probably keeping them clean.
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Well there are two litter boxes in there, Mom's and one smaller one that's just the right size for the babies.

Thanks for the advice!!

I kinda figured I'd smell it if they were peeing off somewhere I couldn't see!!
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