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Yesterday was Possum's "birthday" (the one I gave him; he turned 2!), and today is the 6 month anniversary of bring him into my home!

I'm so happy he's in my life; he's such a great cat!

I'll have to get him a toy tomorrow, because I have to work today, and did yesterday, too. I can't even give a treat because he's really picky and doesn't eat most kinds!

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Congrats!! Just give Possum lots of lovings...that is the biggest treat there is!
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HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, POSSUM CUTIE! My own snowshoe, Sishya, is sitting right beside me as I post and she and Possum look very much related! I hope Possum had a very good birthday and that you're able to pick out a really nice toy for him (my cats prefer sparkle balls, foam footballs, and well-constructed catnip mice; the expensive toys just don't do it for them like these do!) and give him lots of love -- that's always going to be his favorite, no matter what!
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Happy belated birthday Possum!
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Happy Birthday Possum and many happy returns.
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