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health questions re:leukemia

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Simba has been diagnosed with leukemia, and is experiencing a confusing symptom. Day before yesterday Simba was allowed out for a field trip. When I went to retrieve him he was twirling around, biting his flank that was spasming, and running to and fro. He ran from me, not wanting to be picked up. (I suspected a bee sting,as he calmed down later and acted fine.) Last night when I picked him up he was in pain on the same flank. The flank was spasming and very tender to touch. I have already invested $500 for his care,and will continue to care for him BUT.....I'd like to hold out for when he really needs it. Any clue as to how I can tell if this is serious?
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I think you should contact your vet. If it happened again than it was probably not a bee sting...

I'm not sure it's a good idea to let an FeLV positive cat go outside. He could infect other cats with it.

Please let us know how he's doing.
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TAKE SIMBA TO THE VET RIGHT AWAY! I don't want to scare you, but my baby, Sid, did the same thing (after taking her to the vet for the strange behavior I found out she had Leukemia). It's very important that you get the vet to check Simba out. Don't just speculate what the problem could be. I understand your worries regarding the vet bills (since Sid was diagnosed, I have spent nearly $1000.00 in bills), but you don't want to end up regretting anything. Ya' know? Play it safe for your baby, Simba.
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