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Should I Be Worrying About This?

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I have noticed that over the past 24 hrs or so Petunia has not been eating as she normally does. Not too long ago I posted a thread asking for suggestions on how best to curb her fast eating. Now it appears that she isnt really interested in eating. What could this be a sign of? Is this only temporary? Should I be looknig out for other signs/symptoms that something might be wrong?

Any suggestions are welcome, Im nervous here
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Just make sure that she keeps eating, at least a little. If a cat goes approximately 48 hours without eating anything, they can begin to go into hepatic lipidosis, which is a serious problem. This happens more often in cats who are overweight to begin with. If she isn't eating, you can assist feed her canned food with either a syringe or by picking up wet food on your finger and scraping it off into her mouth. My Angel Spooky went into HL and I had to assist feed her daily for nearly three months before she began to eat on her own. It is far better to catch it early, and 'nip it in the bud' before a serious problem occurs. Good luck to you and Petunia! Hopefully, she is just being finicky and a different food will kick start her appetite for you.
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If has only been 24 hours and she is eating some food, just not as much as usual, I would keep and eye on her but wouldn't worry too much.
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Thanks you two! Her eating habits yesterday were a little odd as she did not woof down her food as she normally does. In fact she left pretty much all of it in the bowl and Barkley finished it for her, usually it's the other way around. This morning I fed her the same amount and she ate maybe a piece or two and then jumped up on the bed and sat down.

I have also noticed within the past 24 hrs that she is using the litterbox more frequently. Is this a sign of a problem along with the finicky eating?
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Using the litter box more frequently could be a sign of a UTI (urinary tract infection). Can you tell if her urine clumps are smaller than normal? Is there any sign of blood in her urine? Those are other signs of a UTI. If she's having difficulty urinating it may account for the decreased appetite.

I know most vets are closed on the holiday but you may want to call an ER vet and describe her litter box symptoms. If you don't take her to an ER vet today she should be seen by her regular vet tomorrow. UTIs can be very painful and can lead to a urinary tract blockage if there are crystals or stones in her bladder. At that point it becomes a medical emergency.

Good luck and positive vibes to you and Petunia. Keep us updated on her situation.
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So far since Ive been home from work she seems to be acting her usual Petunia self. She ate her entire dinner in one sitting which I think was a good sign but I havent seen her use the litterbox as of yet. I will keep a close eye on her from day to day and if need be there is an emergency vet hospital right around the corner from my house so I will shoot her over there if I have to.

We both appreciate the warm vibes and concern!
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