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Update about BENTLEY and ROGER

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Hi ,

To all that were to gracious to respond to my last post , I Thank you all sincerely !

A brief update though , BENTLEY had another accident yesterday but he's using the litter pan more often . Hopefully I can steer him in the right direction . I think he was upset at ROGER being in the hospital , he's a sensitive kitty !!!

ROGER came home from the vet today and is eating and drinking . He was SOOOO eager to come to his "MOM" . Bless his heart ! He's on pain meds and Prednisone and kinda loopy right now , but he's laying back and just chillin .

One question though , I didn't think that they actually gave kitties Narcotics ? The one he's been givin is " Lixotinic" , a scheduled drug , so I'm told . He's to be given 1cc , b.i.d. , but I only gave him half the dosage and he's really kinda actin wacky ! Does anyone know about this drug and how powerful it is ? I appreciate any responses as usual .

Thanks in advance ,
Rebecca P.
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Not sure about an answer to your question, but I'll move this to the Health forum where our experts can let you know.
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Ok , My bad !
I didn't read the prescription all the way , plus it was not well written . Anyways , I found out that it's Lixotrinic w/ Torbartol . Not just plain Lixotrinic . What is Torbatrol ? I was told that it's a Narcotic , but of what class ? Opiate is what they said.....
All I know is that he was prescribed 1cc and I gave him half that dosage . He was wiped out ! MUST be something stong there , can Ya help ?

Thanks ,


P.S. I've stopped giving the med to him , he's better with just the Prednisone , 1/2 tab instead on 1 whole tab .
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Hi ,

Call me totally nuts , and I'm sure most of you all will . But , I took 1cc. of that Torbitrol myself , it was gross tasting and let me tell ya'll something . Within 2 minuits I got a zing you would not believe . It is VERY strong to affect a human this way.....no wonder 1/2 cc. messed up Roger ( he's 14 lbs.). I'd say it pert damned killed him as his breathing was shallow and he was twitching . I told the Vet that I would not give him so much , they ALWAYS seem to underestimate , therefore I took precautions and gave him half the dosage . Can you imagine if I gave him the whole cc ?
Anyway , I'm drinking tons of fluids and wondering WHY I'm still able to type ? Perhaps because I'm a cancer survivor and was on hard pain killers for a long time , dunno . But I did this with my daughters meds. when she was an infant . I always gave her 1/4 as opposed to 1 tsp. of her meds and always tasted it . Ever wonder WHY babies don't like Tylenol or any other liquids ? Just take a finger and taste it , it's nasty . Nah , RAUNCHY tastin. I always tasted her meds from the first time , she was NOT a complainer mind you , just was tossing it up and refusing it , so I adopted this regime....After all , my kitties ARE my babies too , Ya know ?

I expect I'll get a lot of guff about this but understand that I had to find out WHY my cat was so drugged on 1/2 cc when told that I'd hardly notice any effect if anything on 1 cc . And the Pharmacy nor basically the Vet . knew nothing about Torbatrol , just that they give it to animals for pain........I KNOW NOW AND HAVE DUMPED THE BOTTLE !!!

No more of that stuff and in the future , PLEASE be careful if your Veterinarian prescribes it to one of your babies , it's strong stuff !

Take care ,

Rebecca P.
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:P LOL I can't believe you tasted it for yourself. Hope it doesn't make you ill
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No hun , I didn't get ill , I got a BUZZ is what I got ! On just 1 cc...

That's 1 teaspoon and yes it was totally gross tastin , had to wash my mouth out bigtime and brush my teeth ! *cringes*

Ya know I looked that stuff up on the Web and it's related to the MORPHINE family......no wonder , huh ?

Call me goofy , but like I said , it's a habit I picked up from when my daughter was young and didn't like to take meds . I wonder why.....Jeez Louise , they taste like crap ! *LOL*

Sorry so late with the reply , been really busy here , ya know ?

Thanks hun ,

Rebecca P.
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Rebecca, something I just now learned about. If it is not health related, this is a strong possibility. The quote is from world renowned cat behaviorist Amy Shojai the whole letter will appear in our newsletter next month, but I wanted you to see this portion first.

"Cats do not urinate inappropriately out of “spite†or to get back at an owner. Cats use bathroom deposits to communicate with us. Using an alternate location, such as the bed or couch, tends to happen as a result of stress. Kitty finds the safest, most treasured spot (one that smells like a favorite human) and urinates to use that self-scent to calm down. In a way, that’s a compliment to the human!"

She advises to check for Urinary problems with the vet and to add an extra litter box. Also, and this is just my input. Cats will go the limit before they show any pain- it is their survival mode that kicks in. It is only when they can't remain stoic any longer that they will break down and show you true pain. Cats also purr when they are in pain too.
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Yes Hun , I'm aware of all of this . I knew that he was not doing it out of spite or retalliation . It was a thought at the beginning though as people were in and out of the house . I thought it was stress related , however , I do believe it's a U.T.I. . Simply for the fact that he's urinating in different places than he's deficating in others .
Like in the bathtub and places where he knows it'll be seen....like a cry for help , ya know ?

As far as cats not showing pain , Roger has had F.U.S. 3 times in his 14 years and I've seen it all . They can show it immediately or they will wait till the pain is unbearable , I've seen both scenarios with him . And I've had kitties literally die while purring . It's a comfort thing with them , it can mean SOOOO many things. Years ago , I had a neighbor knock at my door knowing that I'd worked for a vet . He said his kittie was not using the litter box at all and hiding in the corner and hissed at him . I went upstairs and took one look at the kittie and knew stat that he had F.U.S. and he was about to die within hours . He took the cat to the E.R. and they gave him antibodies and I.V.'s , luckily within 2 days , he was much better and in 1 week he was home !

Not tooting my horn here , I just know the signs...

But I do appreciate the info as I like to stay reminded of facts, after all , I am a Medical Asst./Lab Tech./Vet Asst./ Phlebotonist.
So , I'm no novice as you can see.....just have never had this specific problem , ya know ?

Thanks sweetie , you're a GEM !

Rebecca P.

I'm NOT being condescending nor am Holier than thou , I truthfully do greatly appreciate all the help !
Ya lil YOU ! ~~~SMILES~~~
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