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Daily Thread Monday 3 September

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Good morning, afternoon, evening all.

Well it was a stinking hot day today, started off raining and ended up 33oC.
I am still sweating profusely.

Not much to entertain you with today, spoke with a mate from NZ that I haven't spoken to in a week or so. Other than that.....

Have a great day everyone.

ETA: Nope I lied I have something to entertain you with.
I was cooking dinner and some delivery dude came round and rather than just asking for my signature, he was going on and on about something, which I couldn't understand. So I told him to wait whilst I grab my dictionary so he could explain, but he wouldn't use it and I was like for Petes sake dude hurry it up, I'm cooking dinner. I didn't say that, but he just asked if the number he had was my wifes and then said he will call befroe coming back later tonight. I got the package so I have no idea what else he wants.
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It's a sunny day here as well and quite warm, although it's getting cooler first thing in the mornings more

Going grocery shopping tonight which i love, then home to the babies
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Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone!

The munchkins had me up around 7:30 this morning. Of course DH is still sound asleep It's supposed to be a sunny warm day today, so I think I'll do some work outdoors. Painting the old bench in my garden, and planting some bulbs for next spring.

Have a great Monday!!
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Well, right now I'm taking a break from helping DH out around the house. Then later I'm going to the beach with my mom. AHH, sun and sand here I come.
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Good morning everyone!

It's a beautiful Monday morning here. Back to work... I wish I had labor day off...but I don't. Some us still do have to work.

I actually applied for another job yesturday. We'll see what happens. It starts off paying the same amount of money I make now... but after 3 months I get a $1.75 raise, plus FULL benefits. 3 weeks PAID vacation per year.. and many more extra bonuses. Where I work now- there are NO extra perks... so we'll see what happens. I'm not getting my hopes up, just thought I would apply for a "better" job.

Every day has been getting a little easier since I broke up with my boyfriend. PHX is bonding with my dad's animals a lot better- since I've been living with him. I won't go into details...but everyone's happy!

I hope everyone has a grrrrrrrrrrrrreat week!
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Good morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No work today, due to the holiday.

No outside of the home work, anyway,

Lots of cleaning and laundry to do today.

I must admit I'm a wee bit cranky right now from not sleeping the majority of the night.

Maybe I'll try to sneak in a nap when DH is visiting his parents, but more than likely it'll end up with me just watching TV.
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Morning/evening everyone!!

Looks like it is gonna be another hot one here today, highs expected to be around 95 degrees!! Can't wait for fall!!

Well, nothing exciting going on around here today, DH has the day off, so we will probably do some outside grilling for dinner tonight!! I'll be doing laundry and straightening up the house a little bit!!

Hope everyone has a GREAT Monday!!
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Did a few loads of laundry done and on the clothesline, did some touch up painting on the mailbox post and my August invoices ready to mail to clients.

Also picked about 15-20 pounds tomatoes for processing but have to pick up some lemon juice. And need some craft supplies to will do errands shortly.

Sunny and 75F (24C) with a high around 81F. Want to cook out tonite but not sure what to have at this time!!

Not much else planned today.....
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Gorgeous day here today, sunny and breezy once again.

I actually took the day off today which is a nice change.

Not up to much spent most of the morning brushing the kitties, clipping their nails and cleaning their ears. They are both really good so it is not to difficult of a job. The only complication is that Linus's is so nosy that he always has his head stuck in the way giving me the
"what'ch doin Mom look"

May go for a walk down by the river after lunch I heard some geese down there earlier and they are fun to watch. You have to be careful though because if you get to close they will chase you.

You haven't lived until you've been chased by a Canada Goose.

Everyone have a good one.
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Morning all!

I think it's going to be another hot one here as well! I couldn't sleep last night, but DH is still snoring away with Smudge on his chest desperately trying to get some attention. She's currently sprawled across his chest rubbing her face against his hands. He's still snoring....

Today's exciting plans include cleaning and getting out to take some photos - there's a place nearby that the squirrels always converge, so we'll go snap them, then we're going up into the mountains to the local observatory to get some scenery shots.
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Good afternoon here! DH and I are enjoying the day together. I'm preparing for my trip to see my family. I will be missing DH and my girls terribly! Butu I'm looking forward to getting there too!
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Evening all!

Mom will be here any minute but I thought I'd sneak on and say hi before I'm off it for a week. Gotta go...
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Evening Today I worked 8 hours at double-time pay - woohoo!! That'll be a nice paycheck. I'm sure by the end of the week I will be getting overtime as well. Gotta love raking in the $$$. We're so uber-busy at work. But I left earlier than usual since 1. I didn't take a lunch; 2. it was really a company holiday and neither of us needed to work. Stopped at Petsmart and bought Pill Pockets for Tigger since it is the only way she will accept being pilled. Also checked out the KITTENS! Now we're relaxing, and I'm amazed to be home earlier than 8pm on a weekday! That hasn't happened in 3 weeks!
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