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confused again!

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how did my 3 threads all get combined in the Paws & Reflect forum?

I am confused.

am I only supposed to have one thread at a time?

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all the threads are related in subject the Mods will merge them to make it less confusing for those of us who can't remember what we were looking at or where!
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Hi! You are allowed to have as many threads as you like. If the mods in the forum you are posting in think the threads are related (like picture threads which take up a lot of space) then they will merge them together to help make space for new posts from other people? Did that make sense? Plus with new people coming on board now so quickly some were responding to your threads in your other posts- now are you throroughly confused?
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Check your PMs. I'm sure Jeanie sent you one to explain it. Basically, we decided that since they were all related, talking about how Bendy Kitty takes care of all the kitties, and the super cute pic of Bendy at the computer was referred to in the other thread we would combine them into one. Any time you add to a thread it gets "bumped" up to the top of the forum and the paw color of the forum on the main page tells everyone that something new is there so they can go and see it. It's not anything bad, just like Teresa (DragonLady) said keeping everything in one spot.
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When I first registered here Anne (the webmaster) had some posting guidelines written up for new members. This was in addition to the f.a.q.. I tried to find this information for you but it seems to be no longer available... But don't worry, once you have been a member for awhile and become more familiar with the forums it will get a lot easier.
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