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Sick Cat

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I have a sick cat and am at a loss of what to do. I would love nothing more than to call a vet and take him to the vet but they are all closed as it is Sunday here and tomorrow is a holiday so that means it will be Tuesday before he could be seen by a vet.
He is a very healthy cat, loves to eat and actually weighs more than our other two cats.He and his brother are both about 4 years old.They both only eat cat food, actually do not even like or show interest in people food.
This morning when I woke up I noticed that one of the cats had thrown up. But had no idea which one. Later the sick cat, Blacky came in the living room meowing very loudly, a sign that something was wrong. I checked him over and he seemed okay except he disliked having his tail touched. Later I noticed he was licking himself alot then I seen some sprinkles of blood. He also seemed to be straining at times it looked like. He ate some food and has drank plenty of water but is still bleeding. Later he also seemed to throw up everything that he ate earlier.The blood appears to be coming from his pee.
His brother lost his other brother in January of this year and Blacky is all he has left, they are very close and I feel very scared.
Can anyone give me an idea of what might be wrong and what I can do to make him comfortable until I can get him into a vet.
Thank you.

edited to add: I forgot to mention he's also had bouts of sneezing which is very uncommon for him.
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Is there an emergency vet in your area? If there is I would take Blacky there immediately.

If he has blood in his urine and is straining to pee he could have a UTI (urinary tract infection) or even a urinary blockage from stones or crystals in his bladder. If he does have a blockage it is a medical emergency. If he can't pee the toxins that are normally eliminated with urine will build up in his system and he could die by Tuesday. I hate to frighten you but I do want you to be aware of the possibilities.

Good luck to you and Blacky. Let us know if you find a vet who can see him.
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Sounds to me like he has a urinary blockage. This is blunt of me, but he could be dead within 24 hours if you do not get him to the vet. Is there an emergency vet around, like Jean44 asked?
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Here is a list of vets in Alabama (not sure where you live in Alabama) that have an emergency service, are any of them close to you?
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OMG vibes for Blacky! I hope you found an ER vet and could get him in. This is serious!!!

It always seems they get sick on a weekends or near holidays... not convenient for taking them to the vet. How do they plan this I wonder???

Anyway, I hope Blacky pulls through. Do update us on his condition please.
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Yea, it does appear that everytime I had a cat get sick it's on a weekend or holiday. Blacky started acting sick on Sunday and the first half of yesterday he was still the same. But yesterday afternoon he started acting normal, jumping on furniture again and wanting to play. But I was still concerned as he was still bleeding. This morning we took him in to the vet and was told he was clawed on his private part, probably by our younger cat as he seems to be going through a phase trying to prove his dominance. I'm not at all certain how this happend, it must've happend Saturday night late when I was asleep. There were a couple of odd things Sunday morning but I didn't think they were related. A curtain was almost tore down and a computer monitor was half way between the desk and the wall, thankfully the desk was keeping it from falling to the floor. Blacky and his brother are 4 years old but the younger cat is almost 1 and still a little wild. Blacky is the dominant cat of the three and I guess that's part of why it happend.His brother cares nothing about fighting and prefers getting affection to all else. So it had to of been the younger cat.
The vet gave me some antibiotics to reduce the chance of any infections but told me he seemed to be healing nicely. I am very relieved. But seeing that blood did really scare me and that part of a male cat is very hard to examine so I had no idea what it could be.
Today he is back to meowing for his fancy feast and has been all over the house inspecting everything and rubbing up against everything.
He acts as if nothing has happend. Now if only I can get over being so scared.
Thanks all for your input. Unfortunately there are no emergency services here. All on the list are about 3 hours or more away. Truely a shame. If a person gets sick there are plenty of options but pet care sometimes is difficult. I was here alone this weekend and only got my learner's permit last week. It really couldn't have happend at a worse time with my hubby out of town. But thankfully Blacky seems back to his routine but I'm a worry wart and will continue to worry, my cats are like my children.
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So good to hear that Blacky's problem was not serious. Here are some continue to feel better vibes for him. And hugs for you. Yes, these things always seem to happen at the most inconvenient times.
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