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Tongue sticking out!

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I am intrigued with Cleo, my mother's new cat, and I have become pretty attached to her. She is just quirky in so many ways, but probably one of the most intriguing things to me is her tongue. She will lick you and give you her kitty kisses, but then her tongue stays OUT of her mouth! :LOL: I swear to God! Yeah, we have seen cats where they are happy and their tongue might hang a little bit out of their mouth for a few seconds, but not Cleo! Hers will just stay there until whenever!! Even if you TOUCH it she will keep it out! It is freakin' hilarious!! I took some pictures, but I haven't developed the film yet.

We cannot figure out why she does this. I, personally, haven't exactly pried her mouth open to look at her teeth, but do you think she can't keep her tongue in her mouth?? I would be reluctant to guess that is it because she doesn't have it out ALL of the time, but she does it quite a bit...mainly when she is happy and calm and not running around playing. It is pretty cute and funny, but I am was just wondering if there might be something medically going on!
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An animal has a tongue that is too big for it's mouth. I once saw a pug that had 4 inches of tongue that stuck out of it's mouth. He was soooo cute but, it was causing him some problems. Chewing was difficult as he couldn't close his mouth completly.
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Chester does this too. It is SOOOOOOOO funny! We have no idea why he will just sit there with his tongue sticking out of his otherwise closed mouth, but it sure does make us laugh!
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Is it just occasional?

Both of my cats do this randomly, it's so funny looking. It's like they forgot to pull all the tongue in or something. But usually they remember and have no tongue hanging out.
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I don't know if it is just occassionaly. I mean, Ashley has been caught doing it, too, but it is RARE with her. Cleo does it just about everytime I go and see her....at least once or twice. I see her maybe every other day for a few hours. I don't think she has issues eating except she kind of eats in the same manner Ashley does: eats....walks away...goes back 10 minutes later, etc. She isn't overweight, though! lol
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