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I should have known better....

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When I do a thorough cleaning of a different litter box every Sunday, this is what I do. There are 5 litter boxes in the house. I scoop them all twice daily....once in the morning, and once in the evening. Each litter box gets a thorough cleaning once every 5 weeks, since there are 5. I have it marked on a calender so I know which litter box to clean each week. Instead of throwing all the litter away, I scoop it out with a cup and put it in a mesh strainer and shake it into a pan. Whatever doesn't fall through the strainer gets thrown away....this is usually small pee pieces of litter that were small enough to fall through the litter scooper but not small enough to fall through the strainer. Once the box is all emptied out, I take it outside. I put dishwashing detergent in it, put some water in, and scrub it down with a brush. Once it's rinsed I let it air dry. The litter that was sifted through and is now sitting in a pan....it gets dumped back into the cleaned litter box and a little more is added if needed.

Normally, I put the pan of clean litter onto the stool that I sit on while cleaning the boxes. This morning, I forgot to do that and left the pan on the floor. This is what I found.

Hmmmm...I wonder who did this meowmy?!

I know it was Bella. I heard all the scratching and thought to myself that someone was making an awful lot of noise in the litter box. She came running out of the laundry room and when I went in, I saw it. The funny thing is, when I emptied the litter back into the box after it was dry, there was nothing in there. I thought for sure she has peed in there....but noooo, she just got in there and threw it all around and made a mess for meowmy to clean up.

This is normally how I put it while waiting for the box to dry. The box fits into the corner and the floor mat is where they step out.
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She was just checking to make sure you got it all cleaned out!
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It has to be inspected to make sure its good enough for her litterbox

I think we all have I should have known better moments
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Too funny!
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Just trying to be helpful!
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One of these days they'll tip it off the stool and make an even bigger mess!
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