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Please Help Quick!!

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My son fills in for our animal warden . He is filling in for the holiday weekend.
He called me earlier very upset about the state four kittens were in.
I rescued 6 kittens from this monster a few months ago. Once again the kittens that come out of that place are in bad shape. There about 8-10 weeks old.
I put them on antibiotics immediatly, and put eye ointment in there eyes.
I flea treated them with advantage...so thats all covered BUT..one kitten has a stuffy nose something terrrible. How about a cool mist humidifier?
I wonder if that will help his breathing. He is not in distress but he will soon be if he gets any stuffier. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
I do not have the funds to take to an emergency vet over this weekend. I will turn them over to Geauga humane society...they are wonderful....but i need somekind of solution for this little guy right now. thanks alot!!
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what about a warm wash cloth to clean off the gunk... or a steamy bathroom??

Can you call the er vet and explain the situation... My local one give s info over the phone for NON er stuff
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A cool mist humidifer might be ok. Do not use any vicks.
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You might want to double check, but i have heard that Baby Noses by Neo-Synepherine is usable on kittens.
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I think a humidifier would probably help. Some nasal saline solution may be beneficial as well--just make sure it's just saline.
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I know alot about helping cats but how would I use nose saline solution on a kitten?
Squirt it up those tinly nostrils?? Thanks so much for the advice
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Exactly. Just a little drop in each nostril--it's about the same as giving eye drops in terms of ease--I remember my vet suggesting it for Spot when he was congested.
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thanks alot...I called the GHS yesterday and thank god a tech was in..she helped me out alot. Theya re going to take them , if i foster them and nurse them back to health. I agreed ..of course. I am taking them in today to be checked by a vet.
FYI...if a cat has a stuffy nose..put a very warm wash cloth on there nose..it really helps..and if a cat cannot smell there food they will not eat..I did not know these things. I wanted to pass it along!! thanks for the advice!!
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