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Now I know I'm crazy!!

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Let me start by saying that I have always thought my cat was very smart. But now, I'm really going overboard, thinking he's got human traits.
I was in the kitchen putting away some groceries and prepping our burgers and stuff for dinner, all the while going in and out of the refrigerator (figured I would spell that out since the last abbreviation of it caused a stink ). Anyway, I noticed that Spot had been standing there patiently waiting me to feed him his canned food--you know, since that's the only reason I go to the kitchen--instead of meowing his head off while circling my feet.

I reached in the refrigerator to get his food, thinking I would sneak it out and put it in his bowl before he realized it, in effort to avoid the badgering.

Well, the best I can figure is he recognized the yellow lid that I put over the can, since I only feed them half at a time because he started meowing and doing the dance of a starving lion. Is this possible or am I officially the crazy cat lady on my street?
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I dont think your crazy i think it is possible that your cat knows that the yellow lid means food. Zeek will watch me go into the kitchen and if he sees or hears even one crinkle of his food packet he comes running. They get to know what there food looks and sounds like lol.
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It may be that he recognized the sound of the can being picked up, or the shape of the can... they have supersonic hearing (that might be a *wee* bit of an exaggeration, but not too much).. it could be that he can hear the tink of the metal even though we can't.

Mine can tell when I'm in the kitchen fixing their food as opposed to doing other stuff. Of course, this doesn't always stop them from being out in the kitchen yelling at me if they think their dinner is late.
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I think he must recognize the yellow lid! He's such a smart boy!
I keep some of Asher's treats in one of the bottom kitchen cabinets. He knows the sound of the kitchen cabinet opening and will coming running into the kitchen meowing because he knows he's getting a treat.
He also recognizes my SO's car. When he pulls into the driveway he stands at the window meowing before he even gets out of the car! He's so smart!
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Nah...I think you descend from a line of crazy cat ladies AND have a very smart kitty!
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I think he can recognize the lid
I have a special plate I put wet cat food on when I treat manytoes, and he definately "knows" whats up as soon as that plates out
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i am sure they do know the lid

hehe at least mine just go sit by the bowels and sit hehe.
however if its past there wet food time, they will drive me nuts, jumping in my lap and yeow!! in my face etc..
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It is positively both! You are a "crazy cat lady" as well as they are very intelligent, instinctual animals! I don't fear the "crazy cat lady" implication any more, I honestly find a stronger understanding and bond with cats, as well as animals in general! Cats are very intelligent, especially when it comes to a pleasure zone! If I remember correctly they are red color blind, but yellow is a connection as well as your action and disposition when you reach for the can and the shape and location of it! Maia is an over eater so she only gets canned food as a treat once or twice a month. It is very sporadic and when I get it she knows by the difference in pitch of sound when I open it! Gotta love them!
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