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What makes you happy?

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I was thinking about what makes me happy.....

Well, my cat PHX of course. But this thread is going to be about YOU- not your cat! OK?

So, I was thinking of some things that make me happy, you know when I'm feeling kind of blue... I love going out and hearing live music, maybe hitting a bar, going swimming, going to the movies... But that's all general stuff.

One thing that makes me really happy is when someone compliments me. That is the greatest feeling in the world! Or when I do something to help someone out, and don't expect anything in return. I also love receiving flowers, out of the blue. But since me and my boyfriend broke up... i don't think I'll be getting flowers for a very long time. OK- back to the positive things. It makes me happy to go on vacation, and watch the sun set or sun rise. A lot of things make me happy... but lately it seems like I have to "work" for the happiness.....

Enough about me, what makes you happy? What are things you can do or someone else can do that makes you happy?
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My fiance makes me happy, all 4 of my beloved kitties definitely make me happy. When someone gives me a compliment, it makes me happy. Roadtrips, watching our fish swim around completely carefree, and reading books.
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my husband, my animals, family, reading, walking, hiking, warmth from the sun, the beach - tropical the better, most of nature in general (hate the cold though)
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My fiance, picturing my wedding and how I imagine it, sitting with my friends and watching movies, my family, going shopping with my bestest friend in the whole world! And of course, Oscar

OH! And thinking about my birthday that is in exactly ONE WEEK!(I know...I'm like a little kid when it comes to my birthday)
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Besides my kitties of coarse, I enjoy spending time with my friends, and family. I am happy spending time with my nephews and neices all of whom I am very close to. I enjoy walking, reading and just relaxing in front of the tv with the kitties.
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Seeing a butterfly flitting by me.
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Getting a nice gentle hug you can almost melt into.
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Originally Posted by Lemur 6 View Post
Getting a nice gentle hug you can almost melt into.
Yeah, that does feel good.
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Apart from all the obvious stuff like my BF, family, friends and kitties...

The things that make me happy, curling up on the chair on the balcony and reading in peace in the orange sunset light

Showing the cats at the shelter and seeing them go to good homes and get out of their cages

Talking to my nephew, my sister and I usually chat when he is in bed or at school, as we can chat for ages and he obviously needs attention during that time, but when he does get the chance to speak to me, he just makes me smile. The latest is that he is going to help the dinosaurs become un-extinct and he will come to see me on a plane because the dinosaurs lived near North America and Canada is 'near' North America so he can stay with me while helping them, and he will sleep with Scully, if thats ok with me.
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The one thing that makes me oh so happy is seeing a long-term resident at the shelter get a home. Or helping a family/person/couple pick out the purrfect felines/canines for them.
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The one thing at the very top of my list, is the bond I share with our exotic cats. There is nothing in this world that makes me happier, except the love from my wife
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My animals... they are my life and I probably wouldn't still be here without them (sorry to be a bummer).

Chatting online with friends and listening to good music.
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My wife and my cats make me happy obviously....

Listening to loud and crunching rock tunes on my iPod makes me happy as does a fine spagetti, seafood, guacomole and ice-cream. Wash it down with a good real ale or an A&W root beer and I'm as happy as a pig rolling in cheap facepacks
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