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Introducing our new kitten ...

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Hi all !

I am very pleased to announce the arrival of our new kitten Ember . My cousin found her posted on an internet site for household items such as washing machines and cookers so took her in . However, her cats are all quite old and wouldn't play with Ember for more than a few minutes . So we volunteered to take her on so both her and Indie would eventually have a play mate .

We brought her home and have introduced them briefly. We have also swapped some of their toys so they can be familiarized with each others scent. So far we have had a bit of growling from Ember whilst Indie seemed more curious of the black turnado running around the living room. Overall we feel very positive but are keeping our fingers crossed for the best !

They have completely opposite personalities Indie is very docile and laid back but Ember is very quick and rather excitable - but both are affectionate in their own way. Ember has already been behind the TV and attempted to go behind the washer despite the fact it is blocked off ! I hope to get pictures soon so keep and eye out! Thanks for all the support and advice when we mentioned getting another fur baby, it was most appreciated xxx
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I would sprinkle both cats with some cornstarch baby powder so they smell the same. Will help introductions quicker.

Also be sure to get the kitten to your vet and be checked out completely - and neutered/spayed too

Where's the pics?
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Congrats! I hope that it will all work out.
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Oh how exciting, a new kitty! Good luck with the intro. I hope it goes smoothly for you! We acquired a new kitten about a month ago and are in the process of introducing him to Asher. I can't wait to see pics of the new one!
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Thanks for the tip - we will see about getting some powder! Ember was taken to a vet by my cousin and we will register her soon with our vet. Both Ember and Indie will be due to be spayed/neutered at the start of november. I hope to be posting pictures weds so keep an eye out
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