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Anyone know about Tablets?

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I really want a tablet. I'm looking around and trying to save up. I know that Wacom is the best...but they are also the most expensive

Does anyone know about the reliability of other (less expensive) brands? Or is it really worth saving up for the Wacom. The one I have my eyes on is about $200 (On Newegg). Either way, I can't wait to have one!
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I have a Wacom, is has better sensitivity so I waited and got the one I liked
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I've had afew tablets,The first was the trust 2100 and it wasnt so good The next I had was the trust TB-3100 the pen was I thought pretty good and responsive,when I got the Wacom bluetooth after there wasnt much difference in responsiveness of the pen but thats just my opinion.The Wacom Intuos 3 is excellent if you have the money and would be worth saving up for if your looking at long term proffesional touches to your work.If your just starting out and would like something as responsive as the wacom bluetooth Then the Trust TB -3100 may suit your pocket without having the expense of the Wacom bluetooth.(the bluetooth slows down the responsiveness of the pen)but again thats just my opinion
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I have a Wacom as well. I recommend saving and getting the best you can afford. I would not get the small tablets, they are almost worthless in my opinion. I recommend atleast the 6x8 size.
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