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How often *should* a small dog pee?

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Sandy's peed 4-5 times in 3 hours. I'm worried.

How would I know what's normal for a shelter dog? My first thought raced to throid problems....nobody knows for sure if she had her thyroid levels checked & fat + peeing lots....could be thryroid problems. Or Cushings. I also considered marking as she peed outside once, then wandered around a bit to go pee again.

Always potties outside. Pooped inside, but that was because I turned on the vacuum & it freaked her out.
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The rule of thumb for puppies is age in months +1 is how many hours they can "hold it". So a three-month old pup can "hold it" for four hours on average. 4-5 times in three hrs is weird!

If this is an adult dog, then there are several possibilities.
Most likely is normally a UTI, which you can get checked by getting urinalysss done.
Another possibility is that it is submissive or excited urination. If this is a scared dog, she may be likely to pee at every harsh word or when you come in the door.
After that come the nasty diseases that can only be checked by doing urinalysis, bloodwork etc. I hope it is not that!

Good luck!
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As she is older ... they go back to puppy timing....

was it 2-3 pees at one time or she went out and peed 1 5 times in three hours...

the first is likely her marking territory ( THOU I do urge the "older" dog tests( cushings tests are $$$$ so start with UTI , diabetes( likely)
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If I want any tests done, I'll have to pay for them myself. There just isn't money to get her tested for a lot of these things. I will call the vet on Tuesday to see what they say.

She peed 2x when she went out the first time this morning. Then she peed 1x each time she went out. That was from 11:30am-2:30pm. And she's peeing the same spot, so I don't think it's marking.
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UTI and diabetes .... wish I could offer you the $$ for testing but ....
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I'll see what the vet says, they might give me a cut rate as she's a shelter animal...
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