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Clingy Kitten

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A couple months back, I rescued a 6 week old kitten. He was very sick, and I got him treated and made him part of the family. He has since become very attached to me. He is now 4 months, and follows me around everywhere. If i close a door and don't let him in, he will sit and meow as loud as he can until i let him come in the room I am in. He loves to run and play, but will only run out of the room I am in for very short periods of time before running back to make sure I am still there. He is VERY cuddly and loves to be petted, cuddled, and held by everyone. The strangest part about all of this happens at night though. He sleeps in my bed, and occaisionally at night he rubs his gums on my nose and then bites my nose. At first, I thought he was hungry but he has plenty of food when he does it. It was cute for a bit, but his kitten breath stinks and he kinda hurts when he nips my nose!

any idea why he is nose nibbling? And is it healthy for him to be so attached to me?
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Are there any other cats in the home?

He thinks of you as meowmy, which is why he's so attached. I would consider it normal for a kitten who was seperated from his mom so early.
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Hmm.. Oddly enough, Kadaj is giving me the same problem (Only gumming/chewing/sucking on my fingers instead of my nose), and the following around is excessive. If I go out of the room, he'll sit at the door and meow, and shove his paw under the door and start clawing at it like he's dying in the other room three feet away He's three months, though, and he was separated from his mommy two days ago. (But as I understand, that's not too early of an age to be separated)
Good luck, and I'll keep an eye on the replies. I'm curious about this, too!
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it's good to hear that Joey isn't completely abnormal!

I do have one other cat, a 1 year old female. They didn't get along for a little bit, but they are starting to groom each other and play nicely.
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My next suggestion was going to be to get a playmate, but nevermind! With time, it is something he *may* grow out of. My Lily, who turns 2 on the 5th, still suckles.
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