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Completely at a loss...

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So, I've been looking after a LOT of strays recently. I discovered one in the pathetic attempt for a garden round the back of my apartment building.. and then another.. then another. As of a few hours ago I thought there were a total of 7 (At least 5 of which are girls and at least 1 is male).. I've been feeding them, gaining their trust.. some now run up to me when they see me, others still run.. it's a work in progress.

Basically, I've been trying to work out what on EARTH to do with them all.. I live in Japan and the system is simply appauling here... appauling to virtually non existent you might say. None of these cats have been fixed, and there isn't a free way of doing so that I know of in Japan. I've talked around and heard that in my area, they'll do the process for a discounted amount if you use one of the vets who offer it, but it's still not cheap... and not something I as a poor student can afford for 7 cats!!!

Of course.. 2 days ago the inevitable happened. I noticed that one of the babies, a kitten of somewhere around 8 months looked HUGE. She's one of my favourites, and has taken to me now... so I went over to her and felt her nipples.. they're pretty, well.. huge. But I kept hoping to myself that she'd just been fed by someone else and that's why she was all ball like (she really did seem to get HUGE overnight).. but of course the next day was the same, and again today. She's OBVIOUSLY pregnant.

I've been angsting over that... went out tonight for a walk and a stray feeding session. Decided to go over and try and find the mother and kitten that I found once before in an area a minutes walk from my building. Well.. she was there.. as was her kitten... and another THREE kittens of identical age. (I'd say anything from 5 months but definitely under a year). Staring at a mother cat and her 4 kittens, realizing the number of strays I look after has now shot up to ELEVEN.. I just wanted to cry.

Oddly, this family of 5 all have beautiful long tails.. as does the giant ginger male I'm sure is the father of EVERYONE (all the cats except one have orange in them).. All the other cats have the little stumps characteristic of stray cats in Japan. Not quite sure WHY they have no tails but... I found it so weird seeing strays WITH tails. That's beside the point...

I could have been wrong but.. the mother cat looked a little rounded too.. I'm kind of worried she's pregnant AGAIN. x_x

Simply put, I'm at a complete loss. I know I'm rambling here but.. it's kind of inevitable!! I'd been debating taking in the pregnant cat, letting her have her babies here and then try and find homes for them... but then what? Every single one of the female cats out there could be pregnant right now!! And I have 2 cats of my own (a 5 and a half month and a 3 and a half month kitten) who would NOT take kindly to a newcomer right now.. I'd have to keep them seperate for now, which I could do.. but they'd sense there was another cat in the house.. and then suddenly there'd be kittens?!

My brain is going to explode...
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Here is the contact details of the SPCA in Yokohama. Please note, the website doesn't appear to exist anymore.

Kanagawa Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
6-41 Shinoharadaimachi

Phone: 0081 45 421 5592
Fax: 0081 45 433 1742
E-mail: pikisuke2@s6.dion.ne.jp
Web: www2.odn.ne.jp/kanagawadonai

If they don't seem to be much help, you can try Animal Refuge Kansai (ARK)
of course they are at the opposite end of the country so..... but they may be able to help in some way.

These are the only 2 animal shelters, I was able to find when I was having stray issues.

Good luck and keep us updated.
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I know it seems impossible....but it truly takes 1 person who says...Enough is enough to do amazing things for cats that are living outdoors. What I would do is to try to find likeminded individuals. Contact your local shelters, contact your local vet clinics. See if there is anyone who is practicing TNR. In addition, there are a couple of other sites that may be very useful:


Alley Cat Allies is a national organization that is dedicating to helping feral and stray cats. They may have some contacts.


It's a yahoo group for people working with feral and stray cats...I'm not sure if there is anyone from Japan who posts there, but it's worth joining.


Another forum message board where you might find someone else who works with feral cats in Japan.

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That was clever, I forgot to give you the details for ARK.

ARK (Animal Refuge Kansai)
595 Noma Ohara, Nose-cho
Osaka-fu 563-01

Phone: 81 727 370 712
Fax: 81 727 371 886
E-mail: ark@arkbark.net
Web: www.arkbark.net
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There is this place to who are based in Tokyo J.A.W.S.


This is the translated page from google,maybe if you have any trouble speaking Japanese to them maybe Takezos wife might be able to translate for you
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I couldnt stop thinking about all those cats your looking after,how are things now?did you get any help?I found out from a friend that if you contact your ward office they can help with the cost of neutering,they only help with cats,the going rate at vets is 30.000 yen and some vets charge 50-55.000 yen so you would be best to shop around vets for the best pricesthis a translation my friend sent to say at the ward office,neko ga kyosei supporto aremasuka?..but please make sure it says what its supposed to say before because my friends japanes is not good(quite bad really) its supposed to ask for help with neuter costs.If you can take in the pregnant females in the time being,let them give birth and then it will be easier to find homes for them if their not born wild
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