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For the first time ever-Tabitha!

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I am calling the vet the moment they open Tuesday, this is out of character for Tabitha. I can hardly touch her, let alone get pics of her. She's been hanging around all morning. She's a semi-feral, spay & vaccinated. She let me feel her all over, no lumps, broken bones, or wounds. Her tongue is sticking out, so I am working up the courage to try to open it to look inside! If I am remembering years correctly, Tabitha is 7-8.

I love how each front leg is a different color.

She licked her lips right before this pic, which is why it isn't so good

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Pretty kitty!!
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She is way cute! I hope she's OK!
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Her body posture looks like she feels ok. Maybe she's just having a stand-offish day?
She's a pretty girl.
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Awww she's lovely as well. Keep us updated Nat but here's some healthy for the little cherub
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She is pretty! I think her front leg colors make her unique!
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She's a beauty! Sending that she's fine.
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She is kind of a petite lil girl, very pretty!!
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What a pretty girl, her markings are just

I hope everything turns out to be ok at the vet
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She is adorable Nat..I hope all goes well at the Vet
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Aw, she's just beautiful! I hope everything goes well for her!
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Back from the vet. She had a ferver of 105 last night, I was able to get a rectal temp from a semi-feral if that gives you an idea of how bad she feels. She's got a temp of almost 106 today. She got an anti-biotic injection, I think. Bloodwork showed high WBC(?) I think. Oh I was so confused. Everything else on the bloodwork looked normal. No visible injuries or anything.
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oh, the poor girl, lots of get well vibes

She has got to be related to Fafeena, right?
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Probably. Basically, all my cats except Ophelia, Molly, PJ, & Punky are related to Fafeena. And Ophelia could very well have been born to any of them.

I *suspect* Tabitha's mother was Spotty Fafeena....who looked just like Fafeena except with a HUGE black spot on her forhead. Spotty's been gone quite awhile, she was a feral & just never came home one day.
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