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Hi, Jen and Lucy here

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I adopted Lucy, a black DSH, from a shelter last week. She isn't my first cat, but she is my first black cat. I always wanted a black cat as a kid, but my mom was a Siamese fan who wouldn't budge (until I grew up and started fostering kittens; her three current cats are all rescued foster "mutts" ). The last of our Siamese from my childhood are gone (they both lived to be 22 - the last one PTS almost a year ago). In adulthood, I took "my" Siamese with me and later took in a very preggo dilute tortie. My Siamese finally had to be PTS due to CRF combined with CHF, and the dilute tortie fell madly in love with my ex-husband, so I have been cat-less since the divorce (way too long).

No one ever told me how hard it is to photograph an all black cat! I have been unable to get many decent pictures of Lucy. She generally looks like a black 2D object with an eyeball somewhere. If I can get her in direct sunlight, you can sometimes make out her features.

She was spayed after I put in the adoption application, but before we took her home. After I brought her home, her incision seemed very "fresh" and started leaking a pretty good amount the first night. I called the e-vet and was advised to apply a compress, and if it didn't stop, got worse, or started again, to bring her in. It stopped for the night, but the next morning, started up again. The e-vet said she had a seroma, didn't look like there was any infection, but prescribed Clavamox, an e-collar, and confinement. The incision just didn't seem to want to close up, so our regular vet tried some tissue glue on the worst part of it and advised us to keep a close eye on it over the holiday weekend. Luckily, it seems to be healing (slowly!), so I don't think we're going to need to do surgery. Surgery would have meant more e-collar time and, most likely, confinement in a dog crate. I am just glad to have been spared a miserable, screeching cat. Lucy is very talkative even when nothing is going on, so I don't even want to know how much racket she would make in a dog crate.

In all, she's adapted very well to her new home life. The shelter didn't have any info on her former life; she was listed as a stray. She is quickly taking over around here. When you can get the velcro cat off your lap long enough, she likes to sit in the window and yell at all the people going in and out of the market below (we're in a sixth floor apartment).

You can see the few pics I was able to take here:
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Welcome to you Jen and Lucy. Your pictures of her are just beautiful. Though it can be a little irritating a times, I have found that having a talking cat around is quite enjoyable. (Carly is talks all of the time).
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Hey! Welcome to TCS! Glad to hear that someone else is such a big fan of black cats!!! My Ike is also REALLY hard to photograph, but I've managed to get some OK pics! Lucy is beautiful! Now I know what Ike will look like when she grows up
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Hi! Welcome to TCS!
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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
Welcome to you Jen and Lucy. Your pictures of her are just beautiful. Though it can be a little irritating a times, I have found that having a talking cat around is quite enjoyable. (Carly is talks all of the time).
Jana, the Siamese trained me well! I love talkative cats. That's why I was originally looking for a Siamese (started the process with Siamese rescue). My boyfriend's parents have two Siamese (they got them when he was a teenager), so he also wanted a Siamese. As luck would have it, I originally went to another shelter to look at a Siamese they had listed, but he was going to rescue, so I dropped in on a few other shelters on the way home. This shelter encourages handling the cats in the main cat room (they have someone in the room keeping an eye on visitors and enforcing the "hand sanitizer between each cat" rule), so I was making my way around, petting everyone, and Lucy wouldn't shut up. I wanted an older cat, so I made the rounds a few more times, and she kept yelling at me every time I went by. I went to check out the dogs (can't have one, but wanted to look), and she started up again when I made my way back to the cats. I was sold.

I would prefer not to have an only cat, and we're allowed two in this apartment, so there may still be a Siamese in our future. Nothing seems to phase Lucy, so I don't think we'd have too many issues on her end.
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I doubt Carly has any Siamese as she is a little tabby, she just loves talking to her daddy and screaming at her toys (esp at 3:30 am).

Keep practicing with the camera because I know Lucy will be a wonderful subject when you get the hang of it. My Lucy sends her sympathy because she had a problem incision when she had her bladder surgery. We ended up with a shunt for a few days and the e-collar.
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Congratulations on your new little chatterbox! I feel you...I had a tortie girl who never gave me a moments peace in the 19+ years I had her!

If you have any questions as you find your way around the site, please feel free to click on my username and send me a private message. I'll be happy to help.
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She's so pretty!
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Welcome to Lucy and you!

Sorry to hear about the difficulties she's been having after her spay. Glad to hear she is starting to heal.

Her pictures are so cute! Looking forward to seeing more.
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Hi there Jenwe're so happy to get the chance to welcome you and your gorgeous Lucy to TCS. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us - we're one great big family and you'll find loads of friends here. If I can help at all while you're finding your way around TCS just click on my username and send me a Personal Message - I'll do what I can to answer your questions
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Hola y bienvenido a TCS, ...Catulina y Milky te saludan!!........
(Translate: Hi and Welcome to TCS, Catulina and Milky say hello to you!!!...)

See you on the forums!
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Hell and Welcme.
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You guys have been so welcoming. I went ahead and paid for a six month subscription, since I imagine I'll need it. Thanks so much for the warm welcome. That "Siamese in my future" is here (check out my other introduction thread...I am such a sucker).

Thanks, again!
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Hello & Welcome!

We look forward to hearing stories about Lucy! She sounds adorable

Best Wishes to you & Lucy!!! Have fun on the forums
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