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Cats and Tuna

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My cat was sick, and was not eating, and the vet instructed me to feed him tuna fish. Now I have read articles saying NOT to feed cats tuna fish, because it can cause health problems. Does anybody know anything about this? The cat did end up dying, probably not because of the tuna fish.
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Tuna fish is not a balanced diet by itself, so if a cat eats nothing else, it will eventually cause health problems. Most cats love it, though, and will eat it when they don't feel well enough to eat cat food. That's probably why your vet suggested it. It doesn't hurt anything to use it for a short time to tempt a sick kitty's appetite.
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When cats stop eating, they often won't start again. The vet probably recommended tuna because sometimes the cat will eat it even when they won't eat anything else, and getting them eating something can help jumpstart the kitty's appetite. Some food is better than no food. I'm sorry for the loss of your kitty.
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